Seven! Elli and Caleb are the same age again.


♥ Love my babies ♥


Early mornings from the nook in our living room. I may not be a morning person but I never regret the view when I drag myself up and at the day.


awwwww, fur baby love♥


Columbus day! Newspaper hats and construction paper spy classes!


Wee little piggies and Peaches for scale.


From left to right, Seeyalater, Adieu, and Priscilla Pudgett. The pink with spots are boys and will have new homes, the black, a girl, will stay with her momma, Queenie Trottingham.


Tilly -Wilkins♥


Alice ♥






Chowder ♥

P1030526 copy

♥Love my kidlets♥

P1030619 bw

Katie Kat and Prowler Cat


Birthday Boy!!! Happy Birthday Caleb!


Another early morning view from our living/dining room.


Peaches&Cream. Love my baby♥

Movie Night


Peaches excited for the show♥

We watched Mary Poppins for movie night. I have not seen that movie since Katie was a baby, way too long. I love Mary Poppins! Often on movie nights I go up to S&G’s, so I am not at home to enjoy a show and popcorn with my kids, I didn’t realize what I had been missing until Friday and Mary Poppins. I have the attention span of a…..squirrel, I rarely watch a full length movie and pretty much never watch a full show while not also doing something else. But Friday I snuggled up with my kids on the couch and we watched a magical movie together and it was awesome. Totally honest, kind of hard, I like to be doing stuff and find I pay better attention with pen and paper, or laundry or candy crush going on the side. But it was worth it.

I love to hear how they interpret what they have watched, to listen to them recite their favorite parts. I remember when we watched all the Harry Potter movies after reading the books, they tore the movies to shreds! And all those hours I spent reading Harry Potter  out loud to my kids? Worth it! They paid attention, when watching the movies they remembered details in the books I had forgotten about!

I love my kids♥



Everyday is a Birthday when you have a small tribe of children.


Peaches is 2! My baby is almost not a baby anymore. I think I might let her be 2 again next year.


Joff is (old enough) to know to smile AT the camera when I tell him too. I love him anyway. Happy Birthday Joff♥


12! Alice is 12! How??? Whyyy? Alreaddddyyyy??


Miss Chantelle Tilly-Wilkins is 3. A “girl” NOT a baby.

My morning thus far.


I went to bed last night at 2:30 am thinking I would wake up bright and early, scour my kitchen from top to bottom, shower, finish washing ALL of the laundry and finish prepping for school. Along with all the other brilliant things I normally do. I think/believe I was a bit delirious last night. I even left myself a note with a motivational quote, a note I read at 8:30 am while sipping Pepsi out of a fancy tea cup and listening to the cat hiss at me because I really do need that shower, and get this, I have children who expect things from me. Like food and stuff.

I normally make breakfast-y foods like yummy lumpy oatmeal and wonderful cinnamon pancakes for breakfast, but I was feeling wealthy last night and went out and bought cereal and milk. Waking up and not having to cook breakfast is like winning the lottery in my world.

So I didn’t have to cook, that I was nice, but I do have two toddlers who like to have their tushes changed and then I need to kick the kids off the TV and send them out to get some healthy, wholesome sunshine, I send one out with a promise, you play for two hours, (No Whining!) you can play one computer game. I read to the older kids and put some bread on to rise. And now it is nearing lunch.

I really should go shower.

It often happens that I can say that over and over all day, and still not find a moment to shower. Granted I could be bathing instead of typing but the baby has taken up running away from home and she is really fast.

We are on vacation. From school.

The problem I sometimes have with schooling my kids is the expectations, the expectations that I am failing somewhere along the line. If a teacher fails to teach or a student fails to learn in public school, the parent is not the one the lynch mobs go straight for, when you homeschool and your kid hesitates when asked by a complete stranger in the parking lot of Walmart, who was the 22nd Vice President of the US or where is Bhutan located? Well, kid better preform or I, the teacher/parent,  am in for the look of judgmental ire. I do not mind so much that my kind can’t recall who was the 22nd Vice Prezz, I mind that some busybody who really doesn’t know the answer to her/his question is calling my kid out in public.

(Breathe, maybe I needed to vent a little?)

Levi P. Morton. 22nd Vice President of the US. Also the dude who accepted the statue of Liberty from the French. The French thought he was pretty special, I think it had something to do with his amazing beard skirt.

Birds have complicated lives too.


I almost ran over him.

I swerved and pulled over, he didn’t look dead and when I got closer he flew away. Relieved that the little bird was neither dead or hurt, I got back in my vehicle, as I was putting my belt back on I glanced in the mirror and saw that he had returned to the middle of the road. I got out once more and shooed him away, he was not deterred. I approached and he flew away. I could not stay there forever, so I left, but noticed as I pulled away that he had returned to the road.

A day later I was once again traveling that road, when I noticed a tiny little bird on the side of the road, dead. It certainly looked like the same bird and it made me sad. Can birds be suicidal?

Today, I was once again traveling home from somewhere (The bank, where money flows out faster then in). I was driving slowly and saw a small bluebird on the road, sitting next to the body of another little bluebird. He/she flew away as I slowly drove around them. It made me very sad, I wanted to get out and move the dead bird so the one did not risk its life mourning for the other, but there was too much traffic. It makes me upset when people say that animals/birds have no feelings, that they are of no account in this world really. No they are not human, but they have souls and they feel.
This evening Felicity’s very inquisitive hamster, Princess, finally managed to excape her cage while we where out, she fell and died. She was very loved and very, very special. She was buried and a small cairn was built. Tonight my little Lollypop is sad and missing her furry friend.

There is a lot of sad in this post.

I find there is a lot of sad in this world in general.



This post is short because I just realized I have to go to the library.


Have you ever had something to watch and you were excited and there you are sitting on the couch with your popcorn, favorite pillow and a fuzzy fat cat only to realize the show you were thinking about isn’t on, because you don’t even know what freaking day it is, and worse there is nothing else on, so, you know, sad face.

No! what is even worse is there is nothing to read. It has been forever since I have been to the library.

I miss it.

The library is magical….now that I think about it I do believe I owe them money……hmmmm, the library is kind of like heaven but the librarian is a Dr. Jekyll/ Mr. Hyde persona…..scary, but awesome.





(I love librarians, they are the awesomest-est ever.)





I have been grumpy all day.

I had this idea all last week of what my weekend would look like, and it primarily involved Netflix and the filing cabinet. The time has come and past due to organize and file last years school work. This is really important as we are set to start Geo Matter POS  this week. Clean out the old and in with the new.

But that did not happen.

Worse, instead of getting to organize and catch up on whatever the BBC has to offer, worse, I had to deal with people.

For two days in a row, there were people. My hubby and kidlets doesn’t count. I am used to them, we get along. But everyone else……..I can only take in small measured doses.

And instead of finding a moment to meditate, pray, I found a can and became Oscar the Grouch.

Not very graceful.

I have just finished a classified amount of Peanut Butter cups, There a folders and binders piled high here on my desk.  It is frustrating.

I love the above quote.

It reminds me that it is okay to be frustrated sometimes, but that I was able to do something that, while out of my comfort zone, was a service for others, for my family, and in the end, for myself.

It was a Good thing.

Unorganized paperwork is not the end of the world.

(I hope.)

I will try for better grace tomorrow.

Right now I need to go belt out Let it Go with my girls….