Kids Say

Yesterday we were watching a movie and a woman came on the screen who was supposed to be the beautiful heiress, anyhow Everett pointed at her and said “Ewww Yuck!”

Speaking of Everett he is such a good brother always bringing Elly her toys and her pacifer, her blanket and such, very sweet.

Yesterday while Katie was at school she kept her toys on the fridge so they would be safe, Felicity kept asking if she could play with them and I kept saying no, after all they were Katie’s.
Anyway this morning Joff was up feeding the girls breakfast, and getting Katie off to school and of course Katie put her toys back on the fridge, well I was still in our room, when I heard Felicity say “daddy is mommy gone?” Joff replied no and she said “darn I was going to play with Katie’s toys”.
Well she tried.


No Title

Good news! I got five new lenses for my camera yesterday! All in great condition and at a good price too, very excited, have been practicing with them all morning.

Yesterday while driving to get said lenses I was listening to the news on the radio, the reporter made a comment that made me very very mad, He said and this is not the exact quote, I am looking for the quote and will post it later, anyway he said
“Today US soldiers killed 12 insurgents, but others are saying 16 were killed including woman and children”
So you see the point I am trying to make is that, that did not need to be added, it didn’t, it riles people up because of course they are going to get upset, its upsetting, but THESE TERROISTS AND OTHER PEOPLE IN OTHER WARS PUT THE WOMAN AND CHILDREN IN FRONT OF THEM! In some cases the children fight! Oh it is know doubt wrong, but if we were to stop fighting children, if we were not going to bomb or take on every little hovel with a pack of woman and children in front and an army inside, we might as well give up, we the Americans can hold our hands up, fly the white flag and deliver the country on a silver platter!

Do you think they are sitting around saying well you know I think there will only be US Soldiers here, here and here, they are planning ways to kill as many of us as possible, we are Americans and for the most part and even worse we are not a Muslim Society. It is so much more then people realize.

So go ahead take the troops out of the Iraq, start withrawing them, do not fund them, Do what you will, but I can promise it will not end, it will never end until we put our foot down, stop pandering to the peacekeepers and do what we need to protect our country.
For all of you who want to “quit” Iraq, the next time you wake up to another attack on our country that could be much worse then the last, I hope you finally wake up and pray for a second chance.
God Bless America and God Bless our Soldiers
They need it.



GRRRR, I just wrote out a nice long post and the electricity went out!
I give up for the day, the electricity has been spotty a lot lately and its darn it all annoying, my pipes are frozen and the toilet doesn’t flush, ewww gross I know.

The cat is in on it too, he has been stealing my blankets, the other day after making off with another one, he started yowling at the top of his lungs, Alice suggested he was now asking for pillows. Snob Cat.

That’s all for now, you never know when the electricity will go.


Valentines Day

Valentines Day is over. Candy hearts, Paper hearts, Sticker hearts are littered through out the house, echoing off the walls are the numerous I Love You’s the children offered up, out of favorite coloring books and treasured stickers are made valentines. Princess’s and an Occasional Monster decorate cards with lots of glue and tape, I have written “Love” a lot and the cupids that are scattered over my walls are smiling.
Happy Valentines Day.


A Story

The stocks! You don’t say dear Marissa! yes friend Jane but they let him keep his ipod, they downloaded they Bible for him to listen too while he is in, well I say it was a long time coming Marissa, after all he was constantly speeding up and down the road just terrifying the children and did you see what he had on his fence post last Sunday? A strangled goose! Its sad Jane that he was let in to the neighborhood, but one really must pity his wife and children,
yes Marissa, sad, sad Tam has been putting up with him long enough, I hope the stay in the stocks will let him know we won’t put up with any more of his violence, Jane nodded her head and shook out her apron, the remaining corn flying into the air, the chickens scratching around the porch leaping up to catch the bits that fell to them, Marissa dug around in her purse and producing a set of keys and a pocket book, well Jane how much do I owe you for the shuttle ride, gas is just horrid nowadays, and now that my car is fixed I won’t have to take the shuttle anymore just plug the dearie in and Ta-Da no gas required, I can’t believe they haven’t converted the shuttles over to Electric yet, with the extra daylight and all you would think they would get around to it, yes replied Jane but the congress has tied up the president for at least a month, they sent him off and won’t let him back till its over, that’s $1000 dearie I’m headed down to the mega mart myself after the sun sets, whats the point in sleeping when they only give you 4 hours in a night! Well well here you are and Marissa handed over the sum, I’ve got to run, I can hear the cow mooing from three blocks away and the hay must finish regenerating before I am done milking, chat at you later dear Jane, goodbye dear Marissa.


The War, Mostly

I was scrubbing my sink this morning……
Sinks are so very boring and worse they are disgusting, have you ever had to reach your hand down into the sink and “unplug” all the gung out? Its a great weight loss program, I usually can’t eat for a week after.
I feel better.

I am actually going to rant here for a minute, so if you are the sensitive type who can’t stand controversy, please just step away from the computer for a bit, its OK, go suck on a mint,
Now as for the rest of you,
WHATS UP WITH THE WORLD! A little more specifically put, I am so so mad at all the lame brained idiots in this country, people who watch the news and then go around quoting polls that are so inaccurate its not even funny, OK well a little funny at least to those of us who read the fine print underneath the poll

HEADLINE: 2 out of 3 people are gay! FINE PRINT: Based on a poll answered by 3 people.

HEADLINE: 90% of Americans are disgruntled with the war in Iraq FINE PRINT: Poll taken by the Democrats in a session of congress, Republicans were not invited.

Have you ever thought that reporters report what they report because its there job and hello whats this? Liberals OWN the media? You don’t say, my, my!
OK everyone is entitled to there point of view but when you SHOVE narrowed minded crap into dumb imbeciles sitting on there couches drinking beer, well this isn’t going anywhere because then I guess its partly there fault too, idiots need to get up and research the other side of the story, because the liberal media sure as $%*% aren’t going to tell you.
I’m not done, the biggest thing that burns me up, and I don’t swear, really I don’t but this makes me come so grrrrr close,

OK breath Kristal, Breath………..

Its very sad that soldiers are dying, horrible, I can’t imagine what I would do if someone close to me died in the war, I do have brothers in the military though and am very proud of them. To get to my point,
Every Bleeping night the reporter closes with a sob story of how many American soldiers died that day and in the last so many years in Iraq, how the war in Iraq is killing our soldiers, OK here’s the part were everyone seems to think I get insensitive.
They (the Soldiers) signed up! They are “giving” there lives for something “they” believe in, the enlistment numbers have soared after 9/11 and its still going strong, don’t you think, that the soldiers would like to hear something like this when they turn on the nightly news?
” Today 4 American Soldiers died fighting for there family and friends, for there country.”
They could add every now and then the many Thousands that we have killed ( that’s insensitive I know, but it needs to be pointed out that we aren’t the only one with casualties, sometimes toes need to be stepped on) the work, successful work, they are doing, if you really support the troops, how about some happy stuff, some encouragement.
In World War 2 some Two Hundred Thousand Americans died, in a little under 4 years, more would have if we hadn’t bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Horrible, the loss and death suffered by the Japanese in those bombings, but and to put it bluntly the fire bombs in Tokyo killed more people then both bombings combined, MILLIONS of Japanese were saved when the US Generals made the decision to use nuclear bombs, let alone millions of US soldiers, Sometimes brute force is needed, to save the most lives on both sides, to bring an end to a war, to take a stand as a country when its needed. This is merely a point I am trying to make, very few have died if you do comparisons, now I am not saying you should nuke Iraq, actually we are not in a war with Iraq anymore, we are in a war with terrorists, we are defending a country that is trying to bring freedoms that they do not as yet have, now maybe Iran, let the Israeli’s have Iran I really wish our government would let the Israeli’s loose, that would do a lot to ending the war and bringing troops home.
War is horrible, I do not speak from experience, but I do no people die, people die, it doesn’t matter whose side you are on, even innocent people, bystanders will die, we have fought for out freedom, for justice even when it wasn’t for ourselves, many times. War is horrible and in a war, People die.
Can we please be more sensitive? Can we be a little more upbeat, for our soldiers at least? You can’t support the troops and not support the war, because then what are they dying for?