Kids Say

Yesterday we were watching a movie and a woman came on the screen who was supposed to be the beautiful heiress, anyhow Everett pointed at her and said “Ewww Yuck!”

Speaking of Everett he is such a good brother always bringing Elly her toys and her pacifer, her blanket and such, very sweet.

Yesterday while Katie was at school she kept her toys on the fridge so they would be safe, Felicity kept asking if she could play with them and I kept saying no, after all they were Katie’s.
Anyway this morning Joff was up feeding the girls breakfast, and getting Katie off to school and of course Katie put her toys back on the fridge, well I was still in our room, when I heard Felicity say “daddy is mommy gone?” Joff replied no and she said “darn I was going to play with Katie’s toys”.
Well she tried.


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