Aveyond, the rest is rambling nonsense

I have discovered this very interesting game, I normally spend my time on the computer editing photo’s, typing up emails, or and mostly surfing, I love to read and there is alot to read online, but lately I am guilty of mostly just playing Aveyond (it can be found here :
www.amaranthia.com ) it lots of fun.
So we saw another moose or actually I think it might be the same one, don’t know, this time I have pictures and will be posting them on my Favorite blog, uh, probably tomorrow.
Spring has yet to arrive although mud season is in full swing, it has warmed up to a balmy (ha, ha) 40-50 degree’s “most” days, I tell you what I am not putting away the thermal underwear yet, waaaaay to early.
I am (was ) YW counselor at church and was released today, kind of sad, it was lots of fun.
Easter is only two weeks away! Oh excitement! Last year the party was at our house and in the end we had to take up the carpet the candy would not come out for anything! I have giving my yard a stern talking to, ( I am slightly off my rocker, I acknowledge this ) I demanded that any and all traces of snow and mud be gone , that grass at least be attempting to make an appearance and that the smelly waterfowl be banned to an appropriate pen of adequate size, by Easter, do I expect these demands to be met? Not in the least, but I can wish:)
All of a sudden is eerily quiet in here, I can here the wall clock ticking, the lights are flickering and oh no was that a draft from an opening door! Okay, okay, but it is quiet all of a sudden. No complaints about that. I am seriously running out of ramblings.
Oh wait favorite quote for today:

“I only feel bad I don’t feel worse”

I will look up who said it later.


My headache, skip this post.

I am miserable, yuck, I have had a headache for oh about five days now and the bloody thing won’t go away, I even tried drinking water, lots of it, at appropriate intervals, I hate water, hate it, nasty stuff, of course I am have been nauseous too, and that makes drinking water worse, I gave up on Tylenol two days ago, I am going to see the doctor.

I love quotes, There are people out there that can just say the right thing, I am a Mark Twain fan, one of my favorite quotes of his:

“When we remember that we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.”

Very true.

“Either I have been missing something or nothing has been going on” Karen Gordon

With the fog of a headache that I have, I would guess I have been missing a lot.
I am going to choke down another glass of water and search desperately for some really strong medication

Good health to you ( no curse implied )


Today. Hows that for an original title?:)

I am desperate to feel like I have accomplished something today and I can’t think, I am having a its-rainy-cold-muddy-gross-headache-day. Tonight we are having cold pasta salad, you know, diced chicken, cheese, pasta, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers and a sprinkle of Italian dressing, cooked in the morning, it marinates all day in the fridge and its good for you too.
Today is the official day Maine became a State, Today is also my sisters birthday, sadly she lost her baby girl at 6 months pregnant yesterday.

St.Patricks is close upon us, I have been out trampling in the mud and half melted snow to find a clover (any clover, two leaves is fine with me) but if there everywhere any here the geese ate them, despicable geese, its the same with birds, I have been really wanting to test out my new long lens on something besides the geese and stop signs (don’t ask) but Wolfy keeps a strict anti-bird real estate law in place, which is very annoying at times, I KNOW there is wildlife out there, but between the geese and the dogs (and maybe my new neighbors who are being very noisy building a new house grrrr) they (the wildlife) stay far away.

May the geese be far from you and may your dog utter no bark.


Felicity and Alice

Yesterday Felicity and Alice were playing with there “My Little Pony’s” The new miniture ones, well they were fighting over a pony spoon, which appeared to be almost invisible is was so small, Felicity was claiming it was part of a set (and we all know you should NEVER break up a set!) and Alice claimed she needed it for her pony to eat her icecream with and here is the interesting part:
Felicity said “Alice give me that spoon or I will snot on you” Alice drew back in shock as Felicity proceeded to sniff in a big one Alice said “You wouldn’t! Thats gross!” Felicity letting a little drip out her nose said for effect said “Yep I would” Alice quickly handed over the spoon, turned to me and said “Mommy, Felicity needs a wipe!” and then turning away to get all of her stuff together she muttered under her breathe “shees thats disgusting”


Maine & Moose

I have lived in Maine for about five years now, not counting a summer of blueberry raking ( if you don’t know what blueberry raking is, then you don’t want to know, its one of those things that is best left a mystery, If you DO know about blueberry raking or perhaps even done it, then you are at this very minute rubbing your shoulder, just the thought makes you in bad need of a chiropractor!)

I am told there are moose here, great big rambling beasts of the forest, as my mother-in-law puts it “funny Dr. Seuss creations”. I have written on this before. Apparently I was deemed worthy (five years must be the mandatory time in) because today I saw one, It was staked out in a driveway wondering if the Realtor would ever show up, there was a line of people on the Opposite side of the road, taking snapshots and darn it all I would have joined them if I had taken my camera, but I didn’t. The moose ( a cow ) looked very bored and in my opinion not so pleased at the paparazzi. We were only stopped for a second because there was a line up of cars behind us and they were either flipping us off, the line of people on the shoulder of the road or the moose, or most likely all three.
I want to dash back and join the paparazzi but I am pretty sure she’s gone, the house didn’t look like such a great deal to me.