Car Hijackers

Today is Sunday. We went to church, Went to A’s house, pretty much just talked and visited all day.
I do have to share one little incident which is too good to not write down;
Two of my nephews (brothers, ages 4 and 2) climbed into there moms car and locked themselves in, Cindy and Chelle tried to coax them out, telling them to unlock the door, which they would not, Chelle tried teasing, saying You are to little to unlock the door, Ivan replied No I am not too little, I am mean! then he turned to his brother and said Honk! Honk Milton, Honk! So Milton proceeded to Honk like crazy, giggling and laughing, luckily there dad showed up with a spare key. Those guys were in it for the long haul, but there dad had to come and spoil the fun, what a shame. (insert wicked grin here:)



My Lilac Blossom
We had a bonfire last night, Able and Lucilly came over with hotdogs and marshmellows, it was fun. Alice really got into it, she did several Goblin Dances around the fire. Katie told a story, one, I guess, Joff and his family grew up with but I had never heard, I shall get Katie to tell it to me again, so I can type it out here, it was pretty silly.

It is such a nice day today, 79 its true, but nice and windy. I was hoping that we wouldn’t have to much of a bug problem this year, and so far it isn’t to bad, but yesterdays heat brought out some very hungry mosquitos, They took all the blood I was planning on donating next time I go to my Dr.’s, but I feel good that I am helping to keep a species alive.

I finally figured out how to download Podcasts, very simple I know, but hey I have a lot of really really dumb moments when I am pregnant, I am completely dangerous when pregnant, once I forgot which side of the road to drive on, see what I mean? Anyway, we have a Rush Limbaugh subscription, Joff needed to have the podcasts for his Ipod so he could listen while working outside and I finally figured it out, so I am feeling clever today. By the way it really is easy, I wasn’t reading the instructions, in my defense, for a while there I couldn’t Find the instructions:)

If my computer will cooperate I will show some pics of my Lilac Bush, They all got me last year, It has one blossom and it smells very good, it is growing pretty rapidly, one of my Peony Bushes is coming up, also I will post some pics of a mysterous blossoming tree we have growning in the woods, I keep meaning to ask Dan when he comes what it is, but I never remember.

Oh ya, before I forget, last night, Alice said:
Will someone just get me a freakin marshmellow already!

She was in a Goblin Groove


May 25 2007

Its 90 today, not to bad as there is a bit of a breeze. The heat has put Elly off her naps, she like to have her blanket when she sleeps, so she has been a bit harder to put down lately.
Alice was sitting at the breakfast table this morning (it was 8:30 and almost 80 degrees out) when Joff opened the sliding glass door behind her, She said:

Oh I was just waiting for that, I really need a fresh breeze right now

The Dandilions are out in force and Evs is always bringing me a handfull, he is so very sweet, although that reminds me of something he said yesterday, he had my baseball bat and he came up with a very wicked grin and said:
I’m going to hit Alice
I told him he wasn’t and that would be mean, he shrugged, handed me the bat and said OK. At least he asked permission right?

I am off, I have to go back to work, I am trying to clean up the back room, and that is just so exciting that I can’t wait to get back to it.


This blog has been sadly neglected, but in my very well constructed defense I will say that my computer time has been slashed into almost nothing, the girls spend long hours on the Hasbro site, playing My Little Pony games or coloring, Joff has been trying to wrap up all his school work and by the time someone (anyone!) has handed over the computer, I am half asleep or so behind in other projects (photography) that the sad end result is this blog is neglected.

Alice has once again proven her uniqueness, yesterday, on my way to the store I asked the girls what there favorite foods where, I got the usual response from Katie and Felicity “chicken nuggets, mac&cheese, ice cream” but Alice said “Spinach!” and she was serious , Alice Loves Spinach.

Sis. A was polishing girls nails today, a lovely shade of pink, Evs got in line, I said Oh no, Evs little boys don’t wear nail polish he literally came running over crying to me and landed in my lap, I broke his heart, so I weakened and Sis. A put green nail polish on him.

To jump around a bit……
When I was a teenager and the Whole World was against me and nothing, Nothing was Fair, I wrote poetry, I think writing under those circumstances provides some of the worlds worst poetry. I don’t write that kind of Poetry anymore, mostly because I mean who has time, I am way to busy making my kids lives miserable and completely unfair. But in moments of boredom, usually late at night, nothing is good on TV, there is nothing to read, no one to talk to and my kids are still to young to pull pranks on ( I can’t wait for them to be Teenagers, oh the things I have planned, Shhhh) I write, stupid nonsensical things. Which leads me to the whole entire point of all this, a poem, by me….

Wrap me in Sunshine
Careless grey
I promise forever
With no plans to stay
To wake in the morning
To face the wonder
A scowling landscape
bring me up, lift me from under
writing with a frown
Secret smile
all the time a crying
its been such a long, long while
Can you make sense
do I need to see
someone to help my addled….
stuck laughing,
laughing, me.
See? Do you see what I mean?No good can come from staying up late at night.
That’s the first and last version, trying to fix that would be like taking a broken vase and throwing it on the ground.
I have to go grab the cat.


Today Felicity was trying to open a cheese snack but couldn’t do it so Joff started it and she grabbed it and said I can do it now, I can do it, so she tried to finish opening opening it but ended handing it back to Joff saying, See Daddy I told you not to let me do it.

Katie was shopping with me Elly, I was trying to keep Elly happy (she was starting to fuss) So I kept saying Say Hi baby, say HI, finally I turned to katie and asked why won’t she say Hi? Katie replied Mommy she is JUST a baby, of course she won’t say hi.

On that same trip Katie asked me why all the animels came alive in “Night at the Museum” I said Really Katie I don’t know, she said Mommy this is very sad, you where supposed to know Everything. Oops!


The Nothing

Spring has finally arrived, this translates to meaning, that it was -30 degrees one day, a balmy 80 degrees the next.
So the reason I haven’t posted isthat Nothing has been happening, The weather improved and uh thats about it.