Car Hijackers

Today is Sunday. We went to church, Went to A’s house, pretty much just talked and visited all day.
I do have to share one little incident which is too good to not write down;
Two of my nephews (brothers, ages 4 and 2) climbed into there moms car and locked themselves in, Cindy and Chelle tried to coax them out, telling them to unlock the door, which they would not, Chelle tried teasing, saying You are to little to unlock the door, Ivan replied No I am not too little, I am mean! then he turned to his brother and said Honk! Honk Milton, Honk! So Milton proceeded to Honk like crazy, giggling and laughing, luckily there dad showed up with a spare key. Those guys were in it for the long haul, but there dad had to come and spoil the fun, what a shame. (insert wicked grin here:)


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