The Beach

Yesterday we went to the beach, Katie, Alice and Felicity. Joff, Elly and Evs stayed home so Joff could do school work.
We rode along with the Atwaters, and stopped to see the chocolate moose, Felicity really liked the chocolate moose. At the beach Felicity stuck her toes in and then went up and played on the sand, Alice got wet and had a great time finding seashells, Katie actually got in the water. They all three seemed to have a lot of fun, they loved to go right up to the water and when a wave came in they would run away.


June 14 2007

My Katie, last day of school.
Today was the last day of school for Katie, almost as heartbreaking as the first day, The clothes she wore the first day would fit Felicity, she has grown so much, she has learned addition and can read uncomplicated sentences, she is good enough at spelling that she now surfs the web with little help from me or Joff. OK going off to cry now, its not really fair that they grow so quickly.

Cookie Dough

Joff is playing the Battle Beast game with the kids, it is there fravorite game and I am not a fan, so to get out of it I have started making making cookies while they play, tonight its chocolate chip, I like to make the cookies while the kids are busy that way I get half of the dough all to myself:)
Sat. (June 2nd) was our 7th Anniversary, we saw Pirates 3, Joff didn’t like it, I did.
Its hard to type with cookie dough on my fingers and the keys are getting all sticky, oh well more later……….typing that is.