September update

Alice came home from school the other day and told me her favorite people at school where the cookers because they made her spinach for lunch! Come on how often do you here that?

I saw something sweet yesterday when I dropped off the girls for school. The girls were playing on the playground when the bell rang, they all ran to get in line, but Alice turned around and ran over to give Katie a big hug and kiss before getting back in line, awwww.

The girls also have something very cute they do, we are always telling them that they will have lots of friends but, because they are sisters, they will all ways have each other as the best-est of friends. So they have this thing they do were they Hi-Five each other saying “Best Sisters” and then hugging and saying “Always”, its very very sweet and yesterday they tried showing Elenore how to do it, but she didn’t have a clue although she did like the attention:)

Felicity had school with Sis. A and Ivan today, she made her face on a plate and had lots of fun, she is so excited to tell Katie and Alice about “her” school.

I got a load of laundry ready to put in the washing machine, turned it on and everything, but forgot to put the laundry in, I went off to do something else, a little while later, I hear Evs calling me from the laundry room, I go back and he has put in all the laundry in and closed the lid, so its all ready for me, he is such a good helper.

Eli can wave bye bye, loves to dance, and is single handily eating all of the tomatoes Joff and Evs brings in from the garden:) She also loves cucumbers, but doesn’t really care for watermelon, she ate corn on the cob last night and loved it, I am not neglecting her health too much, I make sure that she has a good appreciation of chocolate also.

I had a dr.’s app. today, only a few more weeks to go. LoL it struck me as funny, I go in and the Dr’s like your pee looks great! uh okay, that’s good news, I think, and then they are telling me how my weight is right on, okay I am 40 lbs over weight and my Dr. is fine with that. I don’t know I thought it was pretty darn funny.