There is a mouse….

There is a mouse in my walls, I have tried to kill him many, many times. As I sit here typing he sits in the wall beside me crunching away on insulation, he is still alive and he wants me to know it, when I go to bed he will scamper to the wall above my bed and chew on anything just because he knows it will keep me up…..evil mouse. The war is not over my friends! The mouse is going down!

Felicity is four, as of Friday. She got a tea set and we (Felicity, her hippo’s and I) are having a tea party tomorrow, she is very excited.
Felicity so far is loving being four, she got a bunch of presents, she picked out her own cake and she even picked out her decorations and tableware, not something I usually do as children naturally gravitate to the most expensive stuff in the store, but she was with me and throwing stuff in the cart, and I mean what I can a person do? I was only planning on spending five bucks on that stuff, lol we ended up spending fifteen, but your only four once, right!

Hey James is on the phone be back later!


Happy Anniversary D50!

Its November, I believe I mentioned that, I mention it again because November means its also my D50 anniversary:) Three years ago this month I got my Nikon D50, and considering the beating it takes everyday I would have to say its a great camera. So happy 3rd anniversary D50, So far its been more then great:)

“Its not you it me” . Well since we are talking cameras….. Its not my camera but me,true I would admit my photography skills have improved but uh not that much, or maybe not enough, I don’t no, but I am growing increasingly frustrated about my photos, I want to take “WOW”photo’s not “oh that’s nice” I know what my problem is, its focus, I want that clarity I see so often but never get, I did learn that my ss needs to be faster, so I am going to be working on that over the next little while.

Felicity’s birthday is Friday, she will be four and she is so excited, lol, she has already started talking about her next birthday already!
Felicity goes to”grandma school” on Wens. and Fri., those are her two favorite days of the week. She loves to learn and is always so excited to share what she is learning. In primary a couple of Sunday’s ago the teacher reminded everyone to put there name on top of there pictures and Felicity piped up “I know how to spell my name! Its like this! and she made an F in the air, it was so cute and she was very proud of herself.
Alice gets up before the sun (6 AM to be precise) to get ready for school. Alice like Felicity loves school, she is very social (Surprise!) she is the popular girl in her class.
At her Student led parent-teacher conference (what a mouthful that was) her teacher said she is doing fantastic, she is ahead in every area. Of course I always new she was a genius:)
Katie could probably do just fine if she never had to go to school again, at least she probably thought so till yesterday. She stayed home from school because she sprained her ankle:0 on Sunday and I think she wanted an excuse to skip anyway, well I have two babies living in this house, plus a two year old boy and I think there is only so much whining a person can take, even a six year old little girl, lol. So this morning when I asked her if she was ready to go back to school she said “oh you bet!” HAHAHAHA HEEEHEE.
Katie is not as social outside of her family and that’s okay with me, she has always been more cautious and careful then the others and I am glad of that, now for some reason ( I might not be seeing, because I am not around while Katie is at school) Katie is also popular in her class, when we show up at school all the kids are like “its Katie! Katie’s here!” I have walked up the hall late with Katie many times and you can hear the kids in her classroom “wheres Katie, why isn’t Katie here?”. SO! Katie must be at least a little more sociable when I am not around, I am going to have to go spying sometime, lol.
At Katies Student led parent-teacher conference (whew!) Her Teacher said Katie is doing great, she is ahead of where she is supposed (?) to be at this point in the year, she is a math whiz and a fantastic writer.
And of course I knew she was a genius:)
Evs is getting tall.
He loves to help his daddy and me (when he is in the mood) right now he is sharing a dry ramen noodle with Elli, he is very sweet. He is very sensitive and he has his own way of doing things, beware if you mess him up or do things out of order! WOE unto you if you give him the blue bowl when he wanted the pink!Cover your ears if you thought he said ScoobyDoo but what he actually said was He-man. LOL we try and get it right, but sometimes we miss, oh well. He is incredibly sweet and helpful and that totally makes up for all the communication problems we have been having.
Elli, now about that Elli…….Picture the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland. Do you see it? now hear this…..
All ways here you see, are the QUEEN’S WAYS!
And that’s my Elli
Elli Loves her baby brother, I am sure of that, at least as much as a self centered baby can, She gives him kisses as she pushes him off of my lap.
How about one more quote for my Elli?
I warn you dear child, if I lose my temper, you lose your head. Understand?
I love, love my sweet little Elli.
I really need to post a pic of Felicity when she was a baby because she and Elli are like twins! Its incredible I will work on putting a comparison up here.
Oh well I have to go get Felicity from school.


Long time no Blog

OK Time has really been booking it this year, the months have flown, its November already and I haven’t kept up with this blog like I was intending too, but hey life is busy, worse, much worse, my life is boring.
But today I have a few things to mention, a couple of pics to show off, so here goes.
Halloween is over, the kids got candy and now there is enough leftover candy stuck to my carpet the poor little mice living in my walls will never have to worry about going hungry again.
Funny story: Alice was sitting at the table going thru her candy, she found a white candy corn (ohhh magical!) Joff told her to eat that one because the white ones are lucky, she told him
“Oh daddy you better eat it, cuz you never had any luck”

I’ll have to come back later, Caleb will not stop crying till I feed him:)