Thanks to my good friend Chris (of Jo’s Baklava!) I found out that the (25th) was dress up your pet day, sadly I didn’t check my email till today, but what the heck I ran back grabbed my camera and the cat, any excuse to torture my sweet cat I’ll take:) late or not…….

My cats is not happy with me…..I did finally track him down to the girls room, which is dark and only has one window, but oh well right? lol that wasn’t my only problem, Elli came back to help and the cat was NOT interested in have his picture taken and he didn’t appreciate the feather boa I had on hand. Anyhow I managed to snap a few shots before he darted off to pester the fish. feeling dissapointed in my five second photoshoot I pointed my camera to Elli who only raised her eyebrow as if to say, ya right! so this is what I caught for Stripes all dressed up in his feather boa and Elli just because, I’m off to see how dapper Woofy looks in a scarf and hat!

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