I DO NOT like white chocolate.

Caleb had his first solids today,Elli was feeding him applesauce which he was actually eating, it was very cute, even though I had to make her quit.

Instead of saying “The End” at the end of a book Evs always says “Amen”

Evs had his Dental Surgery yesterday, he is doing great they got everything fixed and like the Dr. said we will have to keep a close eye on him, he is so tough we don’t even know he is in pain half the time. I think he will grow up to be a superhero:)

Hmm my scanner isn’t working well I’ll post a pic of Evs at the hospital later.


Happy Valentines Day!

I am listening to Hometown Glory by Adele, I really like it, it was the freebie of the week off of Itunes and I usually do not like there freebies, but this is good.

Well Valentines Day was a bit of a tragedy, although for the girls I think it was okay, Evs was horribly sick, the infection in his tooth and jaw did not go away completely when his perscription ran out and his Jaw ended up swelling up to about the size the a tennis ball, it was horrible he was of course taken to first the doctor, who sent him him home with antibiotics and said the swelling should go down, if not they would hospitize him, but he was just getting worse as the day went on so Joff took him to the ER, they gave hime some stronger stuff and some sleeping pills, because the poor kid hadn’t been able to sleep in two days then they sent him home, that was Valentines day, he is doing much better now ( I should think he would they gave him some strong stuff) he is still a little swollen, but it is going down, my poor little boy:(

Joff got me some flowers ( a dozen roses ) and a new phone, he got the girls a flower and a vase (he does this every year) Elenore was excited to be included and loves her flower, which I let her have, I put her vase away as I don’t want her to break it. Katie and Alice got to exchange Valentines at school and according to them it was lots of fun, they were very excited to come home and show off there valentines, Alice read one from ( I think ) Jacob, it said something to the effect of “your a great buddy Valentine” Alice got all excited, she said “Hey I didn’t know I was Jacobs (?) buddy!” LOL. I didn’t do a fancy dinner, we didn’t decorate, I was just to stressed that day, but I think that it was okay I hope it was, Dan and Hannah were over after school and Katie and Alice showed them there secret snow castle in the woods and then they played on the trampoline, on a side note you might think trampolines are just dangerous any “ol time, but in Winter it very dangerous, as the trampoline has a layer of ice, but I guess that makes it all the more fun, anyhow the snow is sooooo DEEEEEEP that they were jumping off the trampoline in a snow pile, fun for them, not so much for me;)
Felicity had her Valentines Day party at grandma school the day before Vday, Everett was invited too, and it was fun for them, they got to exchange Valentines with (Ivan and Milton). they played games, and had a treat, I know I have said this before but Felicity really loves Grandma School.
Last but not least, Valentines night, when I went in to bed, I found a Valentines note with a small pile of candy on my pillow from Katie, I am a very lucky mom to have such a sweet little girl.