Nothing going on!

Life is at its worst when its predictable
And right now its just plain boring, I am ready for something to happen, I am so used to getting bad news and bracing for the worst that this stretch of nothing is shocking and boring, I guess in the end bad stuff or good stuff it beats not doing anything. I have stuff to do don’t get me wrong, the house is AWAYS needing cleaned up and I am in the middle of purging every ones closets, but that’s work and tedious and no fun and very very far from exciting. Anywhoo here’s a couple of pic from today.
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The following is a scone recipe that I got from Sis. A, its the best one I have been able to find as I have been searching and trying different recipes for several years. These are quite good and very easy to make, A couple of notes, I doubled this recipe as these tend to get eaten pretty quick, the refrigeration is not necessary but I find it makes the dough easier to handle, I used a pizza cutter to slice and the lid to my vanilla jar to cut the holes, holes are not needed either but it makes them easier to turn over as they tend to get top heavy without. I also had a problem getting the oil at just the right temp, I still don’t have it perfect but I am getting there, these were cooked in a shallow cast iron skillet at medium on my electric stove, I did notice Cindi had better luck with getting the right temp, she uses gas, but then that might not have anything to do with it as Cindi IS a better cook then I am.
Combine 1TBS Yeast and
1/4 C. Water set aside
In mixing bowl add
1/4 C. Sugar
1 1/2 tsp. Salt
1/4 C. Shortening
Mix then add
1 beaten Egg
Add 1/2 C. Water and Yeast mixture
Add 2 1/4 C. Flour
Knead and then let rise one hour in a warm place
Refrigerate 1-2 hours
Beat down and roll out 1/4 inch cut and fry

Unbirthdays and Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers day!

Evs threw a unbirthday party for Joff and I, he scrounged up some presents he found outside for us, I got an old cassette and Joff got a computer adapter, he wrapped these in paper lunch bags and then he went and made us fish pie, Evs things the old yucky leaves that float around in the pools of standing water are fish, so he brought in a net full of these and made a pie, he had the girls come in and they sang Happy un-Birthday to Joff and I, it was ever so sweet. I would be willing to bet I have one of the sweetest little boys ever!