I just finished watching “27 Dresses” I am pretty sure I just wasted and hour and a half, it was ok, but I am so horridly busy nowadays that if I am going to watch a movie shouldn’t I watch something at least entertaining? Can you tell I didn’t like it? I have been pretty slothful all day really, well except for this morning I did a shoot with Katie, that was fun and then I spent a while this evening taking pictures of different plant life around the property, now that was fun! My pretty lense is such an awsome thing to use:) Posting one of my pics from this morning with Katie, maybe not the best but I like it anyway. Ok I will posting some pictures tonight, then I have to work on the my photoblog because I haven’t touched it in a week, I couldn’t I just got so stressed over it I had to stop. OK stay tuned for pictures coming in the next post!

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