Shoot in the RAW

For some reason I can’t explain but camera was set to JPEG Fine, I have been shooting RAW for a couple of months now and realized today how much I really LOVE RAW. I was just taking snapshots of the kids as we went on our walk, but when I came in and uploaded, there was this darling picture of Felicity and Everett, badly underexposed, with RAW I would have been able to save it, because its a JPEG I won’t be able to do much. Lesson learned:) A snapshot is a snapshot,I don’t need everything perfect;)

Oh sad news:
I was happily biting into a bite of Pizza at the dinner table, when Katie pointed to my slice and said “ewwww a slug” she was talking about a piece of mushroom that did indeed resemble a slug. I am no longer hungry.

Jo Biden? Really? What a freaking mess.


The Fair and The Circus

We went up to the Skowhegan Fair last week, They had a camel and a zebra and a kangaroo and some wallabies and TWO giraffes! Besides of course the usual collection of farm animals. There was also a small circus that was really pretty awsome. The kids had alot of fun and Joff loved the giraffes of course:)

Guess who is walking! Caleb! He took two steps today!

Hmm well thats it.


Happy Birthday To Me

Alright, I am early, shoot me:)
I’m gonna be 25, not sure how I feel about it, chocolate and lots of presents will help me decide:D

I am not done with my website, I have to add session info, pricing and a about me page (I don’t want to write the About me page, I can’t I have been trying for a week) but the galleries are up, I have to finish adding pictures to the pet gallery and a few more besides, but overall its presentable, so please check it out and let me know what you think:) its www.kristalatwater.com I will be adding a link on the side. Feel free to email me any suggestions or comments.

Ella is a sweety she is talking up a storm nowadays, sentences even! Its kind of suprising sometimes, today in church I had just picked her up from nursery and we headed out to the lobby, when she piped up “hey its daddy!” lol.

I’m loving my D70, I love the grid in the viewfinder, my D50 doesn’t have that, its really nice when composing a picture.

Joff is working on a website, it will be fun he will have games, stories and other stuff on there, plus some of his artwork for sale, if you need a fun picture for your kids room, I’d be looking out for his site, which of course I will link to when its up. I’ll post a sample of some of his stuff when I get home.

I’m dreadfully boring I have nothing more to say!



Relief settles in as things begin to settle down, things are coming together and I am feeling pretty chipper:D

Caleb going to be walking soon, he tried walking today, stood up in the middle of the floor and tried to take a step, it was awsome, soon!
I am such a dunce sometimes, I JUST realized I am going to have TWO one year olds in the house for a month!
Katie and Alice have developed an addiction to Bella Sara cards ( www.bellasara.com) Joff told Katie if she worked hard this week he would pay her and of course you know what she is going to buy! Thats right Bella Sara cards, All I have heard this week is “I Can’t WAIT for saturday, I Can’t WAIT for saturday!”
Garr you would think I would be full of news, I’m just not.
Oh its cold, at least for August anyway.
My birthday is Monday.


Grumble Grumble

I have ALOT to be thankful for, ALOT, but this whole photography buisness overwhelms me sometimes, like right now. I am not quitting that would be insane considering how much time has been put into it the last month (feeling guilty I haven’t been doing as much with my kids and summer vacation is almost over) No I love this, I love photography and hey I even love people (:D) it will take a bit but I know its going to work out, but right now I’m feeling overwhelmed I need to go to bed and FORGET about it for a while……..
Oh I did this wicked cute story board of elli eating a flower very funny haven’t resized it yet so can’t post it. I got the new computer on tuesday (Joffs birthday, another reason to feel guilty didn’t “Do” anything for him, too busy) I got fitted for contacts today and that was wierd, I keep pushing my glasses up!
Evs is an angel, a frustrating angel, but still he keeps emptying my bookshelfs and giving me boxes for of books, sometimes he will try to wrap them and go thru rolls of toilet paper or wipes and then if I put them back he’s sad that I am not enjoying them properly!
Okay then heading off to bed.

Heres a couple from “Grounded for Life”

“Fine, put me on hold. I love listening to the ‘Music to Kill Yourself by’ collection. “
“Three juice boxes for six kids? It’s gonna be like ‘Lord of the Flies’ out there.”

I gotta say this one had me laughing my butt of
From the Cosby Show

“Your mother and I are rich. You have nothing. “

Full house – “That’s not a big problem. A big problem is like, well, if your butt fell off.”

Back to Bill Cosby – “Women don’t want to hear what you think. Women want to hear what they think – in a deeper voice. “

Bob Hope – “I do benefits for all religions – I’d hate to blow the hereafter on a technicality”
“She said she was approaching forty, and I couldn’t help wondering from what direction”

“In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move”

“It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes.”

“The moment at which two people, approaching from opposite ends of a long passageway, recognize each other and immediately pretend they haven t. This is to avoid the ghastly embarrassment of having to continue recognizing each other the whole length of the corridor. “

“Experts say you should never hit your children in anger. When is a good time? When you’re feeling festive? “

I don’t know whose quites those last ones are and I am too tired to look them up but they make me smile. Night!