Happy Birthday To Me

Alright, I am early, shoot me:)
I’m gonna be 25, not sure how I feel about it, chocolate and lots of presents will help me decide:D

I am not done with my website, I have to add session info, pricing and a about me page (I don’t want to write the About me page, I can’t I have been trying for a week) but the galleries are up, I have to finish adding pictures to the pet gallery and a few more besides, but overall its presentable, so please check it out and let me know what you think:) its www.kristalatwater.com I will be adding a link on the side. Feel free to email me any suggestions or comments.

Ella is a sweety she is talking up a storm nowadays, sentences even! Its kind of suprising sometimes, today in church I had just picked her up from nursery and we headed out to the lobby, when she piped up “hey its daddy!” lol.

I’m loving my D70, I love the grid in the viewfinder, my D50 doesn’t have that, its really nice when composing a picture.

Joff is working on a website, it will be fun he will have games, stories and other stuff on there, plus some of his artwork for sale, if you need a fun picture for your kids room, I’d be looking out for his site, which of course I will link to when its up. I’ll post a sample of some of his stuff when I get home.

I’m dreadfully boring I have nothing more to say!


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