Shoot in the RAW

For some reason I can’t explain but camera was set to JPEG Fine, I have been shooting RAW for a couple of months now and realized today how much I really LOVE RAW. I was just taking snapshots of the kids as we went on our walk, but when I came in and uploaded, there was this darling picture of Felicity and Everett, badly underexposed, with RAW I would have been able to save it, because its a JPEG I won’t be able to do much. Lesson learned:) A snapshot is a snapshot,I don’t need everything perfect;)

Oh sad news:
I was happily biting into a bite of Pizza at the dinner table, when Katie pointed to my slice and said “ewwww a slug” she was talking about a piece of mushroom that did indeed resemble a slug. I am no longer hungry.

Jo Biden? Really? What a freaking mess.


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