I have some catching up to do

Tonight (this Evening) Chowder and I went on a walk, he got to play with leaves and sticks and laugh at the cat ( my buddy follows me everywhere) and I got pictures:) we were both pretty happy.

Check out my Flickr for the rest of the pictures, he is a cute chunky monkey that’s for sure, there is also a serious possibility he will be a linebacker someday, there ain’t nothing fluffy about him, he is SOLID!

Lets see, Oh, don’t forget to vote! Gag! I swear I already can’t stand either one of them, four years will be torture in any case.

Yea Halloween is almost here! Friday! We are having a big family dinner (spooky!) and then going to the branch Trunk or Treat, Joff will probably take the girls to Hartland for some extra candy. Joff and the boys will be Pirates and Elli and I are going to be Witches and the girls will be Cats in Capes, I am making there treat bags and the capes and so need to do that before Friday, yea right;)

Big news coming, shhhh can’t tell you yet:D I am horrid at secrets sometimes!


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