I just read this post over at “Navel Gazing At Its Finest” A blog that should be on everyone must read first thing in the morning list, she is so funny and original that Dr.’s should start prescribing her to sad and/or depressed people her only side effect (and it is dangerous) is that she is highly addictive:) Personally I would prescribe her even if you weren’t depressed which gets me to another interesting point that I have been mulling over for the last couple of weeks, apparently my sweet wonderful husband who loves me very very much ( I think ) believes that I am hopelessly pessimistic, constantly negative and extremely depressed.
Sorry just give me a minute I have to go laugh my butt off………………………

OK I just have to wonder you know, why? My soul is constantly running with unicorns and dancing with fairies and blowing bubbles in the shape of hearts, OK so maybe not that bad, but you know what I mean. I will confess to being realistic, just in a cheerful happy sort of way:

“darling daughter if you don’t clean up your room I am sure a happy family of moles will move right in and eat your clothes and nibbles your toes while you sleep”


OK, Life is hard and we all have our dreams, I have them, Joff has them, we all do but sometimes certain dreams need to die and now that I think of it that could be what he means, I am not so much of a pessimisticly negative depressed person as I am a dream killer, dream assassin (how much does that pay I wonder). Well OK things are becoming clearer as I type, I am gleeful in my new found role. Wonderful. Hallelujah. Dream Assassin now taking contracts, call me and we can work out a deal:)

I feel better! A major problem solved!


On the Surface

Did everyone have a fantastical magical Christmas? We did, kids woke up whooped and hollered because Santa had not only come and left there stockings full of wonder he had also eaten there not so edible sugar cookies and the reindeer had nibbled at our soggy carrots, he truly is a great guy.
I won’t bore you with what we all got, girls got girl things, boys got boy things etc. I on the other hand must tell you about something I got! I received the ginormous edition of the Uncle Johns Bathroom reader, a series of books that I not only revere but will become the core curriculum of any homeschooling I might do in the future (pray for my poor children:)

But I am impatient there are so many tales to tell from the last couple of days but I have to tell this one the most:

I was driving on our road back to my house when around the corner comes a man walking down the road, it was apparent from the direction he was coming from that he had been walking for a little while, he was not an old man, perhaps Joff’s age, he was not dressed well for the weather which was a balmy 12 degrees, as I drove passed him I slowed down and noticed that he was carrying a beautifully wrapped package in his hand and for some reason I went” wow!” Oh I don’t know who he is, who the package was for or anything else, but it struck me as so wonderful somehow.

One last time.
Merry Christmas and love to you all.


Christmas Eve, Eve

Thats what my kids are saying anyway, yesterday was Christmas eve, eve, eve just so you know.

This morning when Felicity didn’t come out of her room at her usual and horrific hour of 7:00 am I went in and said
“Hey Lollypop what’s up”
she replied
“Shhh I am trying to stay asleep till Christmas”
Ok then, goodlucky with that……..

Later this afternoon…………

“Mommy they cats opened the presents…………again.”
Uhhuh, sure they did.

Dinner time……………..

“Its Christmas we should get icecream and cookies for dinner”

Heres to hoping your Christmas week is turning out as fun mine:)


White Christmas Cartoon Song

I think I have watched this a hundred times now and I am still laughing.

Its the final count down now folks, if you don’t buy it now chances are it will be gone or can’t be shipped without a sum that will be three times the amount of what you are buying, lol.
In anycase what ever your last minute Christmas woes are this video should at least make you go back into the ring smiling.



I woke up this morning not wanting to get out of bed at all, with a to-do list a mile long I would rather have stayed in bed,now I am back from running some errands, listening to The Chipmunks Christmas CD and straightening up and putting up a few decorations, I just wrapped a few more presents and I just had to stop in and say hi and Merry Christmas.
Does the stress of life really matter when Christmas music is playing, when there is wrapping paper being mauled by kittens, when the whole house smells of cinnamon and bread, when you are sipping a cup of cocoa topped with whippedcream and sprinkles, lots of sprinkles:)
Merry Christmas and Love to you all.


No title

Well we are still having issues, oh well it will have to wait for a couple of days I am working on my other blog ( Photography), finishing up my last sessions for the year and trying to get all my Christmas decorations up, I should be done decorating by New Years:)
I will toss up a link to Giraffic Design, can’t promise it will stay though, things keep appearing and disappearing, but I would be heartbroken if you couldn’t download the newest coloring pages:) Oh and tonight (maybe tomorrow:0) I will be uploading some Christmas tags, I will have them in color and B&W.

WoW is it cold today.