No One Should Ever

No one should ever have to hide in the bathroom because there one and two year old children plotting to take over the world and you are in fear of your life for knowing too much.

No one should ever drink out of there cup if the toddler just dumped a handful of soggy spaghetti in it, unless of course you didn’t know it was there.

No one should ever, ever accidentally doze off when your kid has an ice-cream cone in hand.

No one should ever think that tortillas and chocolate syrup don’t play well together,because I assure they do.

No one should ever leave a heater vent open and the bag of dog food on the lower shelf.

No one should keep any food at all in the house when there are monkey’s in residence.

No one should ever wake up on Thursday mornings when the day and children have already plotted against you and there isn’t any hope of a counter-attack.



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