So excited!

At the risk of sounding like a total idiot I am going to admit to being ecstatic and hopping up and down happy:) Monday ladies and gentlemen I am going to a ILP meet-up and I get to meet some of my idols, the people I want to be when I grow up. I am terrified of getting there and being absolutely stupid, but chances are I won’t care!

Photography, I get to chat about photography with people who want to talk about photography too!


FaceBook WhooHoo!

Not a huge facebook fan, haven’t clue what I am supposed to be doing when I am on, I read thru see what others are up too, think about the thousands of applications and invitations available and wonder vaguely if these people are really my friends.

I did find something, finally, on facebook that offers a measure of entertainment, Quizzes!

How am I going to die? Devoured by Wolves! I can not tell you my relief in knowing this:)

Where will I be in ten years? Married with eight kids! Freaky how close they are…..

Whats Wrong with Me? Too friendly, hee hee Stalker Friendly maybe?

Ha! No one is going to believe this next one…..

Whats your mental age? 71, they actually used the word MATURE, I think I better retake that one…….

What should my name really be? Rufus! lol this is too funny, I really love this name would love to saddle one of my kids with it:)

Last one:

What do people like about you? You’re Extremely Cool, its official these quizzes are the BEST!




Its everywhere.

I have a feeling I have written this post before……..

I am loving the snow, it is so very beautiful, white and brilliant, everything is buried! I remember digging snow tunnels when I was little, I remember putting bread sacks on before my boots and coming in soaking wet anyway, I remember sword fights with giant icicles and sledding into barbed wire fences, I remember snowmen and the igloo we made one year, coming in from the cold and a pot of homemade cocoa on the stove and fresh apples sliced and crisping on a pan, mmmmmm! Papa was a good cook:)

I loved to be outside when I was a kid, it didn’t matter what the temperature was or even if the winds were strong enough to toss cars, I wanted to be outside all of the time anytime!

My kids are quite content to spend there winter indoors, with the occasional dash to the van, okay they do sometimes go out to get icicles, they just bring them indoors to melt all over my floors…….

We have colder winters here, longer ones but still, maybe I should drag my little summer birds outside and pelt them with snowballs anyway.


YouTube Monday!

Garfield and I agree, Mondays are up to no good! In an effort to make my Mondays have more meaning and to give me an excuse to post my favorite videos I have decided to do Youtube Monday.

I never said it was sane or even a good idea, but it makes me happy and really isn’t that what life is all about?:)


Redneck relief

Every now and again, you know once in a rare while my inner redneck comes out, this worries me, I am not of course ungrateful for my inner redneckedness, it makes for some great lessons in humility, but still….

Well what I am trying to say is that sometimes and not too often up here in the east I come across some bona fide southern rednecks, they are always from the south, we don’t have rednecks up here we have something similar but definitely not rednecks…..

I keep getting off track…….

Anyhow I saw a family of them yesterday! The sight of them brought all kinds of warm, fuzzy and very scary memories to the surface and I wasn’t sure if I should run as fast as I could in the opposite directions or grill them about how in the heck they managed to make it so far east, I was saved on both counts when they scratched there heads and hopped back in the truck (yes of course they were driving a truck, how could you even question me?) anyway they were probably as confused as I was and realized very quickly this was NOT Dale Earnhardt’s hometown or for that matter even his home state.

Sometimes I worry about myself when I realize that I miss the South.


By the way I am not a real Southerner, I’m a fake Southerner, fake Irish, fake Mainer, I am just a big fat fake………..I am I can assure you Human,


Lived everywhere, ties to absolutely nothing, I acknowledge (grudgingly) I have lived out west, I am NOT a cowgirl, not even a fake cowgirl, a person has to draw the line somewhere.