Sunshine and Daisies, oh ya and whining kids

You hear alot about what kids pick up from public school (besides the flu and lice) well I confess to being surprised and annoyed to find out the thing at our elementary school is baby talk, I know it comes from school for a couple of reasons:

1. My kids know better then to talk like a baby, it makes me want to harm cute cuddly things. Even my babies talk better then babies:)
2. I went to the school the other day and a couple of girls came up to me Mrs. Atwater can Awice come pway , pwease, pwetty pwease! Typing cannot do justice to the way these girls talked, and it is not just 1st grade its Kindergarten and 2nd too! Those poor teachers…..

So when I was folding laundry the other and two of my darling daughter came up to me with full out pouty lips I warned them and warned them well, listen children If One Baby Word Comes Out Of Your Pretty Little Lips You Will REGRET IT TILL THE DAY YOU DIE!
Happily the lips went back to normal and we had a nice little talk on talking like babies.
I don’t think this is the end of it but at least we have had the talk so now when bad things happen they can’t say they haven’t been warned:)
My kids receive punishments by having dearly beloved things taken away for a little while, the length depending on the crime, so stop being worried I take them out to the woodshed for a nice long spanking session, which from personal experience teaches nothing but fear, not right and wrong:)


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