Because I am an absolute nut/Polly

Had chicken fingers for dinner the other night, for some reason that can’t be explained without trying to explain my own insanity I grabbed a finger off the plate and said Oh no! Oh no! Poor Polly! and told this whacked out story about my poor bird Polly that got snatched up and turned into chicken fingers (make sense?) and this was all that was left of her, I put her on my shoulder, were every good Polly belongs, and Katie made her a little bed and tucked her in one of the babies socks, she even had cookies and milk with us before bed! To make a very long and sick story short Elli had been sick and slept thru dinner and when she got up and saw Polly all wrapped up and ready to sleep, er eat she pointed up and said in the saddest little voice, dinner? Of course Joff thought I had taken the thing too far so he snatched up Polly and gave her to Elli and Elli ate her, almost, Katie managed to save a small piece of her which unfortunately Trooper (kitten) found and ate, this whole turn of events was too much for Felicity who ran crying into her room and then Joff had to go explain it was all a sad (sick) joke and just for clarification she is totally fine and has forgotten all about the whole thing. Katie on the other hand……..

Next day Katie comes running into the house after school and says Mommy, Mommy look I rescued Polly! Turns out she had pilfered a nugget from lunch and had brought it home to me her poor Polly deprived mother.

I write this down for Sharyn and I don’t know why, It just proves I am as I have always said, NUTS!

Alright yes I talked to Katie about all this and yes she know it was all in fun, yes she is fine and loved the joke, blah, blah, blah:)


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