Redneck relief

Every now and again, you know once in a rare while my inner redneck comes out, this worries me, I am not of course ungrateful for my inner redneckedness, it makes for some great lessons in humility, but still….

Well what I am trying to say is that sometimes and not too often up here in the east I come across some bona fide southern rednecks, they are always from the south, we don’t have rednecks up here we have something similar but definitely not rednecks…..

I keep getting off track…….

Anyhow I saw a family of them yesterday! The sight of them brought all kinds of warm, fuzzy and very scary memories to the surface and I wasn’t sure if I should run as fast as I could in the opposite directions or grill them about how in the heck they managed to make it so far east, I was saved on both counts when they scratched there heads and hopped back in the truck (yes of course they were driving a truck, how could you even question me?) anyway they were probably as confused as I was and realized very quickly this was NOT Dale Earnhardt’s hometown or for that matter even his home state.

Sometimes I worry about myself when I realize that I miss the South.


By the way I am not a real Southerner, I’m a fake Southerner, fake Irish, fake Mainer, I am just a big fat fake………..I am I can assure you Human,


Lived everywhere, ties to absolutely nothing, I acknowledge (grudgingly) I have lived out west, I am NOT a cowgirl, not even a fake cowgirl, a person has to draw the line somewhere.


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