FaceBook WhooHoo!

Not a huge facebook fan, haven’t clue what I am supposed to be doing when I am on, I read thru see what others are up too, think about the thousands of applications and invitations available and wonder vaguely if these people are really my friends.

I did find something, finally, on facebook that offers a measure of entertainment, Quizzes!

How am I going to die? Devoured by Wolves! I can not tell you my relief in knowing this:)

Where will I be in ten years? Married with eight kids! Freaky how close they are…..

Whats Wrong with Me? Too friendly, hee hee Stalker Friendly maybe?

Ha! No one is going to believe this next one…..

Whats your mental age? 71, they actually used the word MATURE, I think I better retake that one…….

What should my name really be? Rufus! lol this is too funny, I really love this name would love to saddle one of my kids with it:)

Last one:

What do people like about you? You’re Extremely Cool, its official these quizzes are the BEST!



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