Its everywhere.

I have a feeling I have written this post before……..

I am loving the snow, it is so very beautiful, white and brilliant, everything is buried! I remember digging snow tunnels when I was little, I remember putting bread sacks on before my boots and coming in soaking wet anyway, I remember sword fights with giant icicles and sledding into barbed wire fences, I remember snowmen and the igloo we made one year, coming in from the cold and a pot of homemade cocoa on the stove and fresh apples sliced and crisping on a pan, mmmmmm! Papa was a good cook:)

I loved to be outside when I was a kid, it didn’t matter what the temperature was or even if the winds were strong enough to toss cars, I wanted to be outside all of the time anytime!

My kids are quite content to spend there winter indoors, with the occasional dash to the van, okay they do sometimes go out to get icicles, they just bring them indoors to melt all over my floors…….

We have colder winters here, longer ones but still, maybe I should drag my little summer birds outside and pelt them with snowballs anyway.


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