Ella got a new haircut today:) It was all patchy and fuzzy and not growing at all, so we went to Walmart and had it cut. I think it is cute. She doesn’t care, she has no opinion about it, she just wanted her treat for sitting still in the chair.

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Bread, Glorious Bread!

I love to cook, I love to bake. I cannot cook or bake but oh how I love to try:)

I have found the most divine bread recipe in the whole world and I mean the whole world. Here is the Link. I have made several loafs and they all have come out perfect, it is a foolproof recipe! This bread is quick and easy to mix up, it has a pleasant texture and is not to heavy or too light, it is perfect for sandwiches, toast, french-toast, soups, with jam or all by its lonesome. This bread is diplomatic!

dsc_5582webHomemade Wheat Bread!



More random blackhole stuff

Blackhole or Black hole? I could google this but I am hoping some genius out there has lived his/her entire life waiting to answer this riddle.

I got my hair cut. Again. I love it:) It is March so will be dying it red in the next week or so.

My phone got turned off. Bummer right?

Elli has a black eye, poor thing ran into little Dan and then as an afterthought decided to whack off a chair too.

Whoo-Hoo it was warm yesterday! It wasn’t today, but hey Spring is on the way!!!!

Elli has an Elephant sippy cup, yes I am aware of that it still will rot her teeth, but think of it this way, it isn’t a bottle! She love her elephant cup:)

My cats adore me.
Caleb loves me.
Everett loves me.
Elli loves her elephant sippy cup and me.
Felicity loves me.
Alice loves me.
Katie loves me.
Joff loves me.

Ahhhh I cheated! I googled it, I know which one it is now! Blackhole or Black hole! I know, I know I am so weak and selfish:(



Is blackhole one word or two?

So I am feeling loads better, sitting here eating fudge mint cookies getting ready to watch CSI. Had something interesting to post but because my brain is a blackhole (Ha! I knew I could find a use for that!) anyway I can’t remember:)



Sick as a cow

Or a dog.

Been fuzzy and foggy, been coughing and sneezing and buying stock in cha-cha charmin toilet paper, I swear I have gone through twenty-four rolls in the past forty eight hours.

Thursday was a blast, what I remember of it. Andrea was totally amazing:) I got to meet Linda which was very cool and Allie who hosted was incredibly nice, she had the softest puppy, I swear that dog was pure cashmere! There was another lady who I am very embarrassed to admit I cannot remember her name, but she lent me her 85mm 1.4. It was a dream and now I know I have got to have that lens! Someday, lol there are a lot of other things that come first:) I feel wretched that I cannot remember every ones names, I remember a few by there screen names but that is it, I think I was coming down with my wild and woolly bug and getting completely wet shooting, well, I don’t think that helped much, so like I said it is kind of foggy.

It was absolutely beautiful today, at about 55 degree’s with a warm sun, the kids spent a lot of time playing outside. I slept and dreamed of more warm days, of spring and of never blowing my nose again:)


Poor baby…..

Caleb cracked his head last night, he has a nasty cut next to his eye! He will be fine, but it looks horrible, my poor baby. Elli is sick she has the flu and has been fussy and throwing up, she is my poor baby too.

We went to Women’s Conference today (Sis.A, Cindi,Katherine and I) it went over rather well I think, I made earrings, went to a laughing yoga class and karaoke too! I was really great and hey as cheesy as laughing yoga is I think it would be great to learn as a de-stresser.

That will do for now.