Sick as a cow

Or a dog.

Been fuzzy and foggy, been coughing and sneezing and buying stock in cha-cha charmin toilet paper, I swear I have gone through twenty-four rolls in the past forty eight hours.

Thursday was a blast, what I remember of it. Andrea was totally amazing:) I got to meet Linda which was very cool and Allie who hosted was incredibly nice, she had the softest puppy, I swear that dog was pure cashmere! There was another lady who I am very embarrassed to admit I cannot remember her name, but she lent me her 85mm 1.4. It was a dream and now I know I have got to have that lens! Someday, lol there are a lot of other things that come first:) I feel wretched that I cannot remember every ones names, I remember a few by there screen names but that is it, I think I was coming down with my wild and woolly bug and getting completely wet shooting, well, I don’t think that helped much, so like I said it is kind of foggy.

It was absolutely beautiful today, at about 55 degree’s with a warm sun, the kids spent a lot of time playing outside. I slept and dreamed of more warm days, of spring and of never blowing my nose again:)


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