Advantageous Disease

More commonly known as Laziness.

I have the incurable type, there isn’t any hope for me, no cure and definitely no remission.

I have a million things to do, they are piling up and so quick that my brain has permanently short circuited and now all I can do is watch TV and eat Ben and Jerry’s by the truckload.

I’m a vegetable.

It is cold here, still. brrr. Okay it is warmer then it was oh, um in January. HUGE improvement. Still cold though.

Finally, I am not ready to write about my trip the middle of the country.

Not yet.

Maybe never?

I wish I could just watch TV and eat icecream till I passed out.

Everyone has to have a dream, right?

Random Kid Quote

Elli woke up this morning and noticed her boots where missing and said Hey! Caleb come back here! You stole my boots!




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