Um excuse me, pardon me, your hair is on fire.

Not my hair, my mobile home, okay maybe fire is not quite correct. Joff turned on the wrong burner, the burner had a cast iron skillet sitting on it with a plastic spatula in the pan. The trailer still smells like burning plastic, we got everyone out, the smoke came pouring out of every window and door and a day later I can still taste the plastic on the back of my throat. Yuck. No more plastic spatula’s. Ever.

I broke my eye glasses.

This has been a very interesting weekend.My sweet Joff dragged my morose self out last night, we went and took a peek at my house, my dream house, the one I would buy if I could. Surprisingly that cheered me up, gosh darn I love that property, we rented a movie and got something to eat. So feeling a little more chipper.

Each of my days are miracles. I won’t waste my day; I won’t throw away miracle.Kelley Vicstrom


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