Oh death, slow, oh how slow you come to me, torture me no longer!

Everyone here is sick, well actually seems people are feeling better today, except me.

I have gotten myself into a project, that was supposed to be one or maybe two days and of course like all projects has found a way to extend itself for oh three or four days:)

Painting the boys room today, did the trim work yesterday. There new beds are built and ready to be moved in as soon as the paint dries.

The kids summer school books have arrived, they wanted to start this week, but there is just no way. I am so full up and busy this week I just can’t do it, after I am done with the boy’s room we have to install a cabinet for my new counter and the list goes on and on. Given that I have to live in this place for another year and a half there are just things that have to be done and done while the sun  is shining:)

A list of things that I hate about mobile homes:

  • Popcorn ceilings (EVIL)
  • Upper cabinets
  • Dark, windowless kitchens
  • Popcorn ceilings (Evil)
  • Carpet in Dining Rooms
  • The mentally challenged who install electric wiring in mobile homes.
  • They ugly 1970’s wallpaper they still put in trailers, where do they find this stuff?
  • They layout of every trailer, everywhere, but most especially the ones with the kitchens in the middle!
  • Popcorn ceilings (EVIL)

I feel better:) Back to work!



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