“I shall call him Squishy. And he shall be mine. And he shall be MY Squishy.”

Are you a purist in your literature? Do you cringe when a beloved text is adapted for the stage or screen? Do you rant for hours with friends or to yourself about the left out parts that were utterly essential to the storyline, or the horrid parts they put in just because?

I can think of a few movies off the top of my head that I could have thrilling debates over that where adapted from a book, most recently Harry Potter, I can’t leave out Lord of the Rings, a personal favorite is the A&E version of Pride and Prejudice, the many, many adaptions of King Arthur (Camelot, Merlin, Mists of Avalon etc.) or how about Twilight? That is one I have yet to watch all the way through.  I have read a lot of books, I love to read, but I also find it entertaining to see another take on the story sometimes, but only sometimes, I confess I do occasionally become very annoyed with certain adaptions:)

I love the post title quote from and I know I don’t really even have to tell you, Nemo!

Break time over!



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