Adults NOT allowed

Growing up my brother and I would build stuff and most definitely not small stuff either, we were obsessed with building buildings, logs, lumber, scrap metal, firewood, hay etc. we would use anything and we actually worked for nails, although sometimes we didn’t even need nails, it was just in how you stacked it.  I can’t remember how many structures we built and then tore down for something bigger and better, but I remember a two story round fort with a deck at the top for stargazing and a pirates ship with a brig and a galley and mast (that was a fireman’s pole for our tree house:) Inside we would build these complex caves with sofa cushions and pillows and blankets that would span rooms and one winter we built a real igloo.                                                                                                                               My brother was the genius behind these engineering feats of wonder, I was the muscle, although I had a great idea every now and again. We had access to Papa’s shop that was full of all kinds of amazing tools and nuts and bolts and washers, lol, I remember spending an afternoon once with a coffee can full of screws and nails and nuts and bolts and washers and I remember that it was very exciting picking just what I needed for whatever project it was we where working on. I can remember feeling like it was Christmas when Papa had a dump truck load of pallet boards dumped in the backyard for kindling, we very quickly told him there was no way he could possible burn this absolute treasure that we where claiming and you know what? I don’t think he burned any of it that year.                              

 Sadly  those days are gone, My brother lives in Texas and I live in Maine, we are all grown up now and have responsibilities, but I still can’t help feeling all excited when I see a construction site, I want to walk up and offer to help! Hand me a drill! Show me the plans! Ohhh Cement!

  Today I built a fort for the kids, indoors as it is threatening to rain (again), it  starts in the hallway and goes into both the boys room and the girls room, Katie can just about stand up inside. I wanted to stay and hang out, but adults are not allowed and as I sit and type this the kids keep calling for room service and all  I want is to call my brother and beg him to come to Maine and build one more fort with me, just one last time. Adults and kids would both be allowed, I promise.



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