Random Life

It is summer that grand time of year for amazing adventures, unless…….

A bunch of kids where getting ready to go on a goblin hunt, Felicity declared that she could not go because if they actually did run into any goblins they would “see how beautiful I am and then they will want to marry me and then they will kiss me!”

Oh the horrors!


All these grown up things we say are just words, until a one year old repeats them…….

I asked Caleb to shut the front door, he promptly turned around with a “alrighty then” and shut the door:)

Elli stumbled into a pile of mud and proclaimed “Oh Crap!” Haha, Okay so maybe I shouldn’t laugh, but I mean it was rather funny.

If I tell Caleb “no” he often replies with a “you no!”


Summer sunshine where are you?


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