I wrote that already on Facebook. But I am still feeling Arggggggish. 

I have learned a very important lesson in my old, old age (laugh, I dare you) I have learned to “let go”. I was never much of a keeper in the first place, but I am very good at worrying about everything and now I don’t. As much. Just a little. Tiny bit. 

So without a single yoga mat or zen master in sight I have offered up a very sincere “whatever”. It feels good. Happy. No I don’t do the clicking heels thing, hate that.  So there is one argggggggg down.

Argggggg number two, I don’t have a certain amount of argggggs for the day. Sometimes arggggggs can be infinite, which might account for the eye-patch I got for Christmas. Anyway. Whatever. Pointless posts are so much fun.

Apparently these moods don’t come to me alone, my wonderful sil sent me this. Enjoy.




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