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No time like the present.

Is right now a good time to blog? Is now a great time to narrate this whole last family reunion week?

No, it is not. I have children in open rebellion. I have a messy house. I am a week behind in laundry. I don’t care.

The reunion went well, surprisingly it also went for the most part according to plan, the gossip was light and fluffy. The children had a good time and there was always plenty of food. We had a few days of sunshine and some wet and rainy days and the Atwaters tent is still standing. I managed to sleep out there two of the nights and survive it ( I am a wretched snob:)

One night we where determined to stay up and play a game of Alibi ( kinda like Clue) and we played and played until some one figured out we forgot to take out the who done it cards! You could say we where tired.


Alice had her 7th birthday on Friday (Happy Birthday baby girl!) She said it would have been perfect if only it hadn’t rained, so I felt pretty good about that and about the cake. Now check out this cake, forgive the picture the light in the tent was all kinds of horrible, anyway I found this over at Paige’s Pantry  and have been wanting to try it out for the longest time and it was absolutely perfect!

DSC_5634 web


There is more but I will have to finish later, Caleb says if I don’t read to him right now he will smash my keyboard. At least that is what his feet are saying. 🙂



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