Fairy doors and other sweet stuff

I have mentioned this before, but sometimes some stuff is so great it needs mentioning again. And again. And again. 😀

One Pretty Thing is hands down the first  thing I check when I do my rounds in the morning, I adore this site and run to it often for both future idea’s (Christmas anyone?) and last minute crafts. Once again people, Check it out!

Something I saw on One Pretty Thing and we are most definitely doing this week is Fairy Doors, we have a fairy tree in our backyard that the girls love to put notes under for the fairies and sometimes the fairies leave small gifts when the girls make something useful for them and what fairy couldn’t use a door!  I love this tutorial, the pictures, everything, WhiMSy love is such a fun blog!

I’ll try to remember to post pictures of our finished fairy doors.



Summer, Summer

I try and leave serious contemplation alone, I am of the opinion it does little good, so why bother? But today it hit me like a wild cattle stampede.

Holy lampshades what in the heck have I done this summer!

Then people, the thinking began.

You see, I am both Lazy and a Doer. When something needs done, I believe in getting it done, but ya know when there is nothing that really needs to be done, I won’t do it:) I have my priorities on what is important.

I am deadly jealous of all these busy people running around the world doing stuff, they have places to go, people to see. I have diapers to change, kiddie books to read and there is nothing wrong with that, but occasionally I want to say oh ya know, I built an ark over the summer, it was nothing really, do you want a tour? Bring your Cheetah.

Whatever, could be worse, if I actually had something to do I would miss out on all those valuable hours of sleep and you know me, know way is that happening!

peace out sauerkraut



Random #two

I find it somewhat ironic that after years of slothful living, eating junk food and a strict no exercise policy, I decide to change my lifestyle and eat a more healthy diet, exercise and take my vitamins……..and now I finally start gaining weight! This just proves my theory that jogging and celery is not only bad for you but it makes you gain weight, not lose it.

A bizarre summer for us Mainers, no matter how you look at it.

School (Homeschool) starts in two weeks, I am going to be keeping a weekly blog on our progress, the kids are excited and so am I, mostly because I don’t like to get up early:D

Sure winter may be cold, but at least there are no insects involved. I’m wondering if  a move to Alaska is in order. JK:)

I have got  to do something about this blog, it is craving color. Hmmmm.

Oh alright, I need to go clean, no more stalling.




How to crush a child’s hopes and dreams and have them thinking it is all there own idea.

Today I convinced my little Prima’s to forget there dreams of being ballerina’s.

I am soooooo mean:)

After stretching, we ran thru the five positions and practiced plie’s (I am so not up on the terminology, I just know how to do it:)) and then we watched a documentary on ballerina’s.

I learned two things today.

1. I am so out of shape and not half as limber I used to be.

2. Show kids how much work something is and they will happily quit.



I think all this talk about age is foolish. Every time I’m one year older, everyone else is too.

So I’m another year older, most certainly not wiser and people don’t tell me to shut up when I tell them how old I am anymore.


Anyway it ended up being a really great day, funny thing is, not a single thing happened the way I would have wanted it to happen  and it turned out to be so much better!

This post is overdue and for a very good reason:)



“A whole new world”

Aladdin and Jasmine sing this lovely song. We had a lyrics showdown on the way home from Wally World this morning.

Alice belted it out:

“A Whole new worrrrrrld, for you and meeeeee and everyone ellllllllse!”

Felicity: “Alice it is just ” You and Me”

Alice:  “Well that is just selfish”

Felicity: ” They can’t be in love if everyone else is there!”


Me, silently to myself: Does this mean Alice believes in free love?

Elli and Caleb at a very loud and high pitch: “Twinkle twinkle little star, way up HIGH!”

Everett: “My ears HURT!”

Katie: “Mommy please drive faster! I need out of this van, NOW!”

Alice and Felicity: “Uhhuh, no way, yes it is, no it isn’t, well I can sing better then you!”







Nah, just kidding:) I totally Love my little circus troupe:D



We have a Goose.

He doesn’t have a name, I call him “Get Lost Buddy or Else”  as he has a tendency to not be the nicest guy on the block. I tolerate him, feed him and let him roam the premises because he takes care of the hens and because I feel bad for the dirty rotten rat fink. He has a sad pathetic story.

He came to us with a lovely mate, they were a sweet pair, ate our of our hands and kept the neighbors up at night, charming couple really. They tried unsuccessfully to hatch a nest of goslings three times and finally on the fourth time they made it, they had goslings. Ugly and cute, the parents where proud, until a skunk or fox or weasel got in and ate every single one. The momma was heartbroken, she literally stopped eating and she faded away, we found her one day on her old nest , gone to be with her babies. The dadda goose was heartbroken at the loss of his family and we almost lost him too, then our rooster died and he took over, he has a purpose now. A flock. A meaning. The girls need him.

So I let him stay. I tolerate his occasional nips and angry hisses. He isn’t friendly anymore. He is a cynic and he doesn’t tolerate love anymore.

I let the Old Gnarly Angry Pathetic Goose stay.