Summer, Summer

I try and leave serious contemplation alone, I am of the opinion it does little good, so why bother? But today it hit me like a wild cattle stampede.

Holy lampshades what in the heck have I done this summer!

Then people, the thinking began.

You see, I am both Lazy and a Doer. When something needs done, I believe in getting it done, but ya know when there is nothing that really needs to be done, I won’t do it:) I have my priorities on what is important.

I am deadly jealous of all these busy people running around the world doing stuff, they have places to go, people to see. I have diapers to change, kiddie books to read and there is nothing wrong with that, but occasionally I want to say oh ya know, I built an ark over the summer, it was nothing really, do you want a tour? Bring your Cheetah.

Whatever, could be worse, if I actually had something to do I would miss out on all those valuable hours of sleep and you know me, know way is that happening!

peace out sauerkraut



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