Crime and Punishment

I just broke up a fight between Elli and Caleb that I am pretty sure would have been to the death, given that these are toddlers I am not having much success finding out what the fight was all about. After separating them and time out, Caleb ran off to play and Elli decided to cry it out on my lap, one should know that she stopped crying as soon as Caleb left the room and when he came back in looking for her saying “Dora, Room” (ya he speaks like Tarzan) she lets him know that she isn’t done crying yet and I quote ” I can’t play yet, I am not done crying”.

This is by the way one of my favorite aspects of being a mom, I adore my job as the mean disiplinarian, way more fun then it should be, but I had a head start in life in the area, I was the oldest growing up and even better I had two younger brothers, just imagine the kind of amazingly awesome fun I had:)

So my kids are very much aware that I can and will come up with the most unexpected let the punishment fit the crime type judgement.



Happy Birthday Elenore!

101909_4183 web2

Elli turned three yesterday, this event that had been talked about for at least the last month and a half and for the last week she has woken up asking if it was her birthday so this was a highly importent day and I think it went off very well:)

My Elli is Three, she is not in anyway shy or quiet, she is pro-active and doesn’t take no for an answer, she loves to read and snuggle, she also could watch the same Dora the explorer movie over and over again until it (sadly) goes missing, she loves her sisters and her cousins, she loves her aunt Cindi and was extra happy when aunt Cindi got a hair cutr to match hers.                                                                                              

Elli is smart, she has to always wear pants or shorts, even if she is already wearing a skirt or a dress, Elli takes special care of her little brother, they are best pals.

Elli makes everyday interesting and fun, I love my baby girl.




 P.S. Don’t drink hot cocoa and watch comedy central at the same time and if you are me just saty away from the hot cocoa, I don’t know how many times I have to dump this stuff on myself before I totally give it up but darn it all I have always been a slow learner and hot cocoa and comedy central are both awesome:)


Cloudy with a strong chance of southern cooking

Burn is doing better, broke down and went to the Dr. and now I have some nice pain killer and other get your burn better stuff, which is oh so  nice and I feel doubly stupid for not going when I burned myself versus four days later. Whatever.

Ella gave her self a good close to the scalp haircut the other night, which forced me to cut the other side of her hair to match and I bawled the whole time and now my three year old looks like a marine which isn’t a far cry off from her personality but still what mother wants her daughter to look like she got off the ship after six months in front line combat? Or just released from a refugee camp, she is wicked skinny and her bald head makes her look like she could just float away. Despite all this she is still determined to be Dora the Explorer for Halloween, Alice says she looks more like Boots now, which is also pretty darn accurate.

I have pumpkin pie filling dumped all over my stove top this morning, no clue how this happened, I also have dishes covering every inch of counter space and a broken water pipe. I gave the kids cookies and milk for breakfast and sat them down in front of a Veggie Tales show and then took my morning vitamins which I chased down with a glass of Ginger Ale and then I ate a few cookies too, I am all about healthy.



Burn Baby Burn!

For the sheer pleasure of it I poured boiling cocoa down my chin and chest yesterday, this was an experience that will not be quickly forgotten and I am fairly sure I have cured my hot cocoa addiction at a young age.

I do these things for my own good.

And today I am staying home from church because the idea of putting anything on my beautiful blistering burns is enough to make me want to curl into a fetal position and become catatonic, except if I did that my knee’s might come in contact with aforementioned burned area, but I think you get the point. Oh and I look the freak, a freak, any freak. Take your pick, my chin just ain’t pretty, but I’m not vain so whatever  (ya right).

I did contemplate going to the ER, but sometimes that experience is just as painful if not worse the dousing yourself in boiling oil and then when you get the ER bill its boiling oil all over again. No Thanks.

I feel better now, self pity is an amazing thing:)



If I was Honest

Do you ever write notes, lists and important doodles on scraps of paper or in random notebooks scattered all around and then never find them again?

I do all the time, drives me notes er nuts.

Brrrr chilly nights now and the fire is blazing every night.

Ahhh Caleb just brought me a plate of gooey crumbled up cookies and handed me one!lol, now he is trying to force one on the kitty:)

I adore old books, anything with a copyright of 1950 or older is a treasure and a half. I love the textured papers, the interesting type, the photo’s or illustrations and the idea’s that leap off the page, souls speaking from wayyyyyy before I was born, I want to meet them, speak with them and learn from them.

When Joff came home from the library with a box of old books I was in heaven and when I found Webster’s multi-pictured Encyclopedic Dictionary copyright 1945 I swooned, no I really did! The original copyright and alot of material in it was 1941, with material from the Modern Family Garden book circa 1935.   I swear I will be taking pictures tomorrow  and although the poor thing is falling to pieces I have already read half of it, information people, it is addictive!

Spell checker is always yelling at me because I don’t put a space in between the a and lot in alot. Whatever I ain’t changing it, so spellchecker can just get over its self.

Tired? Why yes I am!



I lied.

I want to share some more.

Every season I take a picture in the same spot on my road, a random hobby, I am never quite sure where the other pics are at, somewhere on one of the hard drives I am sure, anyway……092209_3361web a few pictures from September of the kids.

093009_3428 copy093009_3435web