We have been insanely busy around here, getting stuff ready for winter, last minute projects and of course school.

Truth, I actually just dragged myself out of bed because I really wanted to blog, share, record, whatever how exciting holidays can be with kids, sure they know this one is a full thirty days away and most of the stuff they made today likely won’t last the week, because they will need to arrange and re-arrange and touch and share and show and it is all good, they can and will do this all over again next week.

Oh before I forget (ha!, ya right!) Ella has an Obsession with Dora The Explorer, if she isn’t talking about Dora she is reminding everyone that she is not only a big kid, she is the oldest!:)

Today was the first day of October and of course we put up all the Halloween stuff and the kids made more stuff, I think I have a couple of packages of construction paper and at least one tub of Elmer’s glue on my walls by now:)

Sharing a picture of a cool decoration Katie came up with, that I thought was really rather clever:)100209_3453web It is the hand from the grave! OOOOOO! Scary!

Back to bed.

Night ~K


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