If I was Honest

Do you ever write notes, lists and important doodles on scraps of paper or in random notebooks scattered all around and then never find them again?

I do all the time, drives me notes er nuts.

Brrrr chilly nights now and the fire is blazing every night.

Ahhh Caleb just brought me a plate of gooey crumbled up cookies and handed me one!lol, now he is trying to force one on the kitty:)

I adore old books, anything with a copyright of 1950 or older is a treasure and a half. I love the textured papers, the interesting type, the photo’s or illustrations and the idea’s that leap off the page, souls speaking from wayyyyyy before I was born, I want to meet them, speak with them and learn from them.

When Joff came home from the library with a box of old books I was in heaven and when I found Webster’s multi-pictured Encyclopedic Dictionary copyright 1945 I swooned, no I really did! The original copyright and alot of material in it was 1941, with material from the Modern Family Garden book circa 1935.   I swear I will be taking pictures tomorrow  and although the poor thing is falling to pieces I have already read half of it, information people, it is addictive!

Spell checker is always yelling at me because I don’t put a space in between the a and lot in alot. Whatever I ain’t changing it, so spellchecker can just get over its self.

Tired? Why yes I am!



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