Burn Baby Burn!

For the sheer pleasure of it I poured boiling cocoa down my chin and chest yesterday, this was an experience that will not be quickly forgotten and I am fairly sure I have cured my hot cocoa addiction at a young age.

I do these things for my own good.

And today I am staying home from church because the idea of putting anything on my beautiful blistering burns is enough to make me want to curl into a fetal position and become catatonic, except if I did that my knee’s might come in contact with aforementioned burned area, but I think you get the point. Oh and I look the freak, a freak, any freak. Take your pick, my chin just ain’t pretty, but I’m not vain so whatever  (ya right).

I did contemplate going to the ER, but sometimes that experience is just as painful if not worse the dousing yourself in boiling oil and then when you get the ER bill its boiling oil all over again. No Thanks.

I feel better now, self pity is an amazing thing:)



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