Happy Birthday Elenore!

101909_4183 web2

Elli turned three yesterday, this event that had been talked about for at least the last month and a half and for the last week she has woken up asking if it was her birthday so this was a highly importent day and I think it went off very well:)

My Elli is Three, she is not in anyway shy or quiet, she is pro-active and doesn’t take no for an answer, she loves to read and snuggle, she also could watch the same Dora the explorer movie over and over again until it (sadly) goes missing, she loves her sisters and her cousins, she loves her aunt Cindi and was extra happy when aunt Cindi got a hair cutr to match hers.                                                                                              

Elli is smart, she has to always wear pants or shorts, even if she is already wearing a skirt or a dress, Elli takes special care of her little brother, they are best pals.

Elli makes everyday interesting and fun, I love my baby girl.




 P.S. Don’t drink hot cocoa and watch comedy central at the same time and if you are me just saty away from the hot cocoa, I don’t know how many times I have to dump this stuff on myself before I totally give it up but darn it all I have always been a slow learner and hot cocoa and comedy central are both awesome:)


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