Trick Or Treat!

Happy belated Halloween!

Yesterday was a absolute wreck and I might have been just a little grinchy, which I am sure had alot to do with my own personal lack of chocolate and the hordes of children that where invading my space, oh and Caleb has been sick this week and I haven’t had alot of sleep.

But I am so not complaining:)

The kids had fun, I finally got a little chocolate in my system (Thanks Sharyn and Gary!) and Caleb is feeling loads better, I am hoping tonight will be nice and quiet, I have a couple of movies I have been waiting to watch.

I didn’t get a pic of all the kids together this Halloween 😦 But here is one me and Katie put together from last year and some individual shots of the kids from this year.happy halloween 2008web

You either totally get this wacky stuff or you don’t:D

My Kitties, Felicity and Alice from this year of course.103109_4329web

 Ohhh scary Katie, very scary!103109_4355web

 The unsure pirate,  otherwise known as Captain Evs.103109_4339web

It was sooooo dark when I took this shot, I pushed my iso because my flash is broken (huge bummer!) so it looks all weird, anyway this is Dora the Explorer, I seriously worry she might actually request an official name change when she grows up,please pray that she grows out of this sometime before that happens, okay? Thanks:)



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