I could write a novel today there is so much going on.

November, it is now November and I am wondering what in the heck happened because there are moments when I could swear I just got done packing away the Christmas stuff! But really all that matters is that this is the month of Thanksgiving and I have so very much to be thankful for, here are a few little things:

My kids, without whom I never would have known what true insanity is and how love can take so many forms.

My husband, everyone needs an anchor in life, that one person to keep you grounded, a person to whom there is nothing hidden and life is a private joke just between the the two of you, Joff is that and so much more.

Maine; say what you will, but this place truly is magic.

I am grateful to the Lord most of all, for my blessings and for my trials, for the opportunity to live this life and for the gospel and for tolerating all my prayers which usually are mumblings and grumblings.

I could itemize everything that I am thankful for and there is of course so much more, but then I would be sitting her for quite a while and there is a chance that dehydration would come into play so I won’t, but that doesn’t mean that I left anything out:)

Now onto the other thing I need to get out today, I hate with a passion certain holidays, New Years Eve being one of them, what a ridiculous holiday! New Years resolutions are lame too. But on my birthday I made up some of my own “resolutions” (hate that word) and probably the first and most important was and is To Be Myself, bizarre and weird as that may be I understand it and am trying to do better in not letting the situations around me control what I do, I have a choice, we all have a choice and it is important for some of us to not be afraid to stand up for ourselves.

Totally random but just for the fun of it. I had determined from an early age to never have children, I never played with dolls and dreamed of having diapers to change, I did enough babysitting to know that a doll and a real kid where two very different things and although I loved my little charges there was no way I was going to have any children of my own, I also wasn’t going to get married till I was at least thirty!

LOL, right?

Lesson learned, never plan on anything going exactly the way you planned, leave some room for adjustment.


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