Pretend this blog post title is interesting please.

110509_4520 web

I love this shot of Alice, there is something so Alice-y about it, besides I think Alice is absolutely beautiful:)

Oh and the snow that is falling in the shot is now completely gone, we had at least a foot but the weather was so beautiful today, I have been cleaning up around the property, clearing brush and raking it up and forming a very interesting burn pile, stacking junk in another pile to be taken to the dump, all this work really helps me stay away from the computer and also makes me feel much better, I have a bad computer addiction, there is always something to edit or play with or research or watch or someone to chat with and it can get soooo carried away, so I am working on stepping away from the computer, spending more, non-school time with the kids, oh and the housework:)

Life has a way of wearing you down and I don’t think I would be wrong in assuming we all go through low moments in life and of course life doesn’t help either and something I am learning and not learning at a very quick pace is to just accept life, to appreciate all of life’s moments no matter how rotten I might think life is being.  I overused the word life and am now annoyed:) Not.






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