Chocolate and the Bad holiday are mentioned in the following post.

New Years Eve is all the chatter I am hearing nowadays and what new years resolutions people might be making and why the heck is there Valentines candy in stores on Christmas eve? That last one is the one I am most interested in, mostly because this is more pretty chocolate all dressed up begging for me to buy and eat and snuggle and adore, but I digress.

As I have mentioned many, many, many times before New Years Eve and I don’t get on together, we don’t even have a love/hate relationship, it is pure unadulterated hate and that is fine but oh why, why can’t people stop asking me about my New years plans? My resolutions? I don’t have any!  None at all. People gasp, there eyes roll, they can’t understand and once again this okay and fine by me.

I am all upset and need candy now. That is what that wretched holiday does for me, it makes me go all blue and then I eat chocolate and watch re-runs of Happy Days and then I am even more miserable and the cycle never quits.

You know what I say to all you New Years Eve celebrators?





I am huddled up, three blankets tucked around me, internet surfing.

It is 5 degrees out there and will likely be much colder before the night is over, I have gone around and snugged my kidlets up in even more quilts and blankets. The dog and cats are as close to the wood stove as they can get without being singed and I have hung even more blankets up around the windows and doors. I think it is time to invest in some new windows.

Today as been long, exhausting even and I have not begun to finish the projects I started two days ago,  no school today, must go stock the fire now

Happy Birthday Nana, Love you!


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I love this shot, I love the busy busyness of it and I am somewhat annoyed that Elli thinks she is allergic to the cold, because if she was in it I would so send this one out instead of that other one.

This children are talking Christmas non stop now and it promises to be a long time till January, but still it is fun and I try to bury my natural Grinch and let them enjoy the season. Trying very hard. Love my kids.