Feeling bitter today, not in a very serious way, impatient would also be accurate.

I fully understand we cannot have everything in life that we want and every action forms how life will turn out but that doesn’t mean I can’t kick myself in the butt every now and again and say what the heck were you thinking!

Some people might say they still wouldn’t change a thing, but I would, I started life a bit younger then most, that part I wouldn’t change, my own ignorance is my downfall, turns out what you don’t know can hurt you. Doesn’t matter now, can’t go back and I don’t believe in dwelling on the past more then necessary but sometimes a review of your mistakes is a good idea, just so you know what not to do next time.

I am figuring it out, still mostly ignorant but I suspect there is little I will know till it is to late anyway.

That is life.



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