Chocolate and the Bad holiday are mentioned in the following post.

New Years Eve is all the chatter I am hearing nowadays and what new years resolutions people might be making and why the heck is there Valentines candy in stores on Christmas eve? That last one is the one I am most interested in, mostly because this is more pretty chocolate all dressed up begging for me to buy and eat and snuggle and adore, but I digress.

As I have mentioned many, many, many times before New Years Eve and I don’t get on together, we don’t even have a love/hate relationship, it is pure unadulterated hate and that is fine but oh why, why can’t people stop asking me about my New years plans? My resolutions? I don’t have any!  None at all. People gasp, there eyes roll, they can’t understand and once again this okay and fine by me.

I am all upset and need candy now. That is what that wretched holiday does for me, it makes me go all blue and then I eat chocolate and watch re-runs of Happy Days and then I am even more miserable and the cycle never quits.

You know what I say to all you New Years Eve celebrators?




One thought on “Chocolate and the Bad holiday are mentioned in the following post.

  1. I never make New Years resalution any more. It has been years and years since I have bothered with all that. But I do love a reason to party!! Come on Kristal, come party with us!

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