Word of advise

Evil onions that make people cry deserve time out in the freezer. And maybe a few choice swear words.

Never rub your eyes after chopping a jalapeno pepper. Please don’t EVER do this. (A few more swear words are also acceptable if you decide to try it out anyway..)

Cheese is most delicious melted on tortilla chips and then dipped in home-made Pico de Gallo.


Write this down, you don’t get this kind of excellent advice everyday.



Random #482

#482 is a totally made up number. I so have not been blogging that long:)

I collect manual focus Nikon mount lenses, preferably from the 70’s and 80’s. I don’t use most of them despite my mad manual focusing skills, I just love to line them up and look at them. So pretttty. And for the most part rather cheap:)

Maine has 3000 miles of ITS trails. There are many, many miles more maintained by various local groups around the state. Snowmobiling around here is taken pretty seriously.

I have never been on a snowmobile. (That was running).

Caleb is all BOY. You should hear him make things explode around here all day long.

Taught the girls how to jump rope, boy that is a work out!

It is raining.

I am back to shooting with the Nikon D50 thanks to my D70 flunking out on me. Again. The D50, thankfully, is a miracle that never ceases to quit:)

Everett and Joff are making a pirate board game, we bought some blank gaming stock from and we Love it. Love it. Anyway Pirate board game. It is going to be awesome.



Blah, Blah, Blah

I have to go do the dishes. And take a bath. Maybe say hi to my kids. Maybe do something besides math for school today. Or I could just blog all day long, Um sorry kids no lunch mommy is still blogging. Pouring my soul out, I can’t be interrupted. Oh not now honey, I am on a funny streak, give me oh say um five more hours. Okay?


Have you ever took tweezers to your eyebrows at 10:00 at night in sub-par lighting?


Actually there is no “or” the eyebrow thing is scary and pathetic enough. The sun is out today, snowed for about a week and now here is the sun all chipper and cheery back from vacation and that is fine and all but some of us haven’t just got back from Jamaica so tone it down already, I can barely see, I am wearing shades inside for heavens sakes. Feeling slightly grumpy this morning. Just a tad. Not totally uncommon, given that I never fully wake up till about 2 in the afternoon. I need to pick up a coffee habit. Ha! Ha! Okay I now I need to go the dishes. Cry for me. K~


Off on a tangent.

I have a fairly dark sense of humor, given a scrap of paper and a nice scratchy pen all the insanity just pours right out, but when face with a flickering screen and keyboard I go dumb, drool starts pooling out  the corner of my mouth and at some point I get up and make a pot of tea and grab a book, trying desperately to a) Remember what in the heck I was going to write about in the first place or b) Try and erase the image of myself slack-jawed and drooling while staring at a blank computer screen. Computers have taken over my brain, the world AHHHHHH!


Anyway I was wondering to myself as I stirred dinner which was a can of raviolis ( I am such a great mom) I wondered why I blog, I wondered vaguely what I have been blogging about. I mean I write, I actually use up pens and I have come to believe that I am single handily keeping the paper industry alive there are that many stack of random notebooks and scraps of paper all over house and in boxes and in the car and most likely used as insulation for the goat barn ( I think this because I swear I recognized my handwriting sticking out behind some boards when I was out feeding the girls carrots the other day). I am very honest in my scratchy ink penned notes to no one.

I even enjoy blogging, typing what ever comes to mind. The problem is that my inner censor agent comes storming out, grabs my work and starts marking it up like an evil editor bound on crushing every dreaming soul that walks in so that he can take revenge on the world for his own miserable existence.  What I mean to say is that more often then not my blog screams FAKE and then I start crying and confess my weakness and the evil editor starts smirking and I realize it is two in the morning and chances are good I really need to hit the sack.

And who reads this blog anyway? I have been blogging forever but it wasn’t till a year ago that I realized that this was it, random people from around the net might click on my blog more accidentally then on purpose and I was sooooo relieved, happy. Do you know how many blogs are out there? More then millions, people, more then millions.  So I was safe. I could blog about dancing naked at the mall where Santa was entertaining guests or my secret murderous desire to drown plastic army men. I was FREE.

Last week I wore a Blond Afro wig to church. For me that took guts, I think I temporarily forgot there where people I KNOW at church.

My inner soul is a chicken.

And now I am going to lock my the censor agent/editor up in a closet full of paper I have scribbled on and type this on my blog.

(I would insert maniacal laugh but spell check would mock me)




1.I have been doing better, was I sick? Yea sort of, I really hate the end of December.

2.We are homeschooling still, I am debating on keeping that blog or taking it down, I don’t think I have enough time to maintain both.

3.My camera broke, first the D70, then the D50. I was to the least extremely heartbroken, happily I was able to fix the D50, although it only works when it wants too. So my shots are very hit and miss anymore. I will take what I can get.

4. I am learning to be more grateful. Thankful. It is so easy to go about my day without once looking around at all my incredible blessing but for some reason I can find all the time in the world to whine about everything that is wrong in my life.

5. I woke up to grey skies the other day and I wanted to cry, for some reason I was really craving sunshine that day and I even prayed for it in my morning prayers. Later that evening as I was walking out to get the mail I noticed the sun and the blue skies, they had come out and I hadn’t noticed, but I was very grateful for them.


 7.We are staying warm, last year was so cold and I was worried about it being another cold winter, but so far not to bad. Although a trip to anywhere where the outside temperature is above 80 would still be nice;)

8.I finished a puzzle the other day, 100 pieces. 🙂 I know, I know but I am so ADD when it comes to stuff like puzzles that I almost died of boredom, so I had to post that I actually finished it.

9.We have green pepper plants growing in the house. I cook alot with green peppers and they have been growing like crazy, I am thinking I will try tomatoes next.

10.My boys are playing together, rarely happens. This is a good day:)



Happy belated birthday Evs!

Happy Birthday to my baby boy Everett! He turned five on the 30th of December and I have to say that he is without a doubt the sweetest little boy alive, he is shy and giving, he loves to play by himself and he collects everything, he is a bit of a pack-rat but also appreciates order and loves to arrange everything neatly on his shelf. he loves dinosaurs and pirates and trucks and tractors. He loves his family and we love him.