Blah, Blah, Blah

I have to go do the dishes. And take a bath. Maybe say hi to my kids. Maybe do something besides math for school today. Or I could just blog all day long, Um sorry kids no lunch mommy is still blogging. Pouring my soul out, I can’t be interrupted. Oh not now honey, I am on a funny streak, give me oh say um five more hours. Okay?


Have you ever took tweezers to your eyebrows at 10:00 at night in sub-par lighting?


Actually there is no “or” the eyebrow thing is scary and pathetic enough. The sun is out today, snowed for about a week and now here is the sun all chipper and cheery back from vacation and that is fine and all but some of us haven’t just got back from Jamaica so tone it down already, I can barely see, I am wearing shades inside for heavens sakes. Feeling slightly grumpy this morning. Just a tad. Not totally uncommon, given that I never fully wake up till about 2 in the afternoon. I need to pick up a coffee habit. Ha! Ha! Okay I now I need to go the dishes. Cry for me. K~


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